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Orangeburg Man Charged for Inciting Dog Attack: A Disturbing Case of Animal Cruelty

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Sheriff’s Office Responds to Distressing Animal Cruelty Incident in Orangeburg County


In a shocking turn of events in Orangeburg County, a 63-year-old man named John Glover Jr. stands accused of provoking his dog to attack another canine.

This alarming incident of animal cruelty occurred on Woods Street, stirring up concerns about animal welfare in the local community​.

Man Charged for Inciting Dog
John Glover Jr., aged 63, is confronting charges related to animal mistreatment. Authorities allege that he instigated his own dog to launch an assault on another unsuspecting canine resting on a lawn in Orangeburg. (Courtesy of Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office)

The Inhumane Act: Details of the Distressing Incident

The Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Orangeburg County Animal Control officers, responded swiftly to a distress call.

The call indicated that a dog was under attack by another, leading officers to the scene. The evidence gathered by the investigators resulted in the issuance of an arrest warrant​​.


Animal Cruelty: A Global Issue and Its Impact on Society

It’s important to note that such instances of animal cruelty are not isolated.

The inhumane act of forcing animals to fight to the death is linked to a wide array of criminal activities, such as drug trafficking, illegal gambling, and organized crime.

This illicit behavior often results in severe injuries to the animals involved, including bruising, puncture wounds, and broken bones.

Unfortunately, many of these fights end in the death of one or both animals due to blood loss, dehydration, exhaustion, or infection​.

Law Enforcement’s Role in Combating Animal Cruelty

Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell expressed his distress over the incident, stating: “We have since made an arrest, but I’m saddened to see an animal treated this way and treated this way on purpose.”

John Glover Jr. now faces charges of ill treatment of animals and animal fighting/baiting, indicating the seriousness with which law enforcement agencies are treating such offenses​.

As we continue to shine a spotlight on such distressing cases, it’s essential for the community to stay vigilant and report any signs of animal cruelty. Together, we can ensure the safety and well-being of all animals.



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