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How To Keep Your Dog Calm And Entertained During A Family Road Trip

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How To Keep Your Dog Calm And Entertained During A Family Road Trip

Dogs are a man’s best friend – it’s only natural that they tag along on our many adventures.

With the holiday season coming soon, family trips are likely to happen, which can make a lot of dog owners stressed, especially if it’s their first time driving with a dog. Here are some safety traveling tips for you and your pooch.

Overall safety 

Overall car safety on the road is necessary to ensure a good time and to prevent accidents from happening. To ensure that you and your pet are safe on the road, you need to think about various factors.

One of them is examining your car and making sure that everything is working correctly. 


It’s a good idea to take small breaks frequently while on the road. This is important since your dog is probably not used to staying in one place for a long period of time.

If possible, use these breaks to take your dog out for a walk or play with your dog if there is a secluded area with no traffic. This can make him tired and calmer when you continue the drive – so it’s a win-win situation! 

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Dog-friendly accommodation

It’s good to take some of your dog’s things with you in the car – that way, your dog won’t be as alarmed or confused by the new space.

For example, placing their favorite blanket or pillow will surely make the dog less nervous and more “at home”’.

On the other hand, if your dog is too nervous or excited, the best way to keep them safe is to get a cage for them, which you can fill with blankets and pillows to make it comfortable.

The cage can easily be placed in the trunk or even on the back seat, so that you have a better view of how your pet is doing! 

Doggy Music

Music can be just as calming and helpful for dogs as it is for humans! There are different kinds of genres and sounds that dogs might prefer, so perhaps learn more about what kind of music is suitable for your dog.

You should focus on finding something calming and suiting so that the dog is distracted from other vehicles and noises that might upset him.

How To Keep Your Dog Calm During A Family Road Trip - Doggy Music
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Pay attention to your pet

Lastly, you need to pay attention to your pet (while still keeping your attention on the road, of course!).

If possible, talk to your dog throughout the journey to remind him that you are right there with him.

Pets can get scared when going into new and uncharted environments, so it’s important to calm them down and make sure that they are okay.

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The first road trip is probably going to be the hardest, especially if your dog is prone to anxiety or if they are too energetic – but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it work! Follow these tips and ensure the best possible time while on the road! 

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