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Top 7 Ideas For Great Dog Toys

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7 Ideas For Great Dog Toys

Looking to buy your pet something fun to play with – here are some great ideas to give the perfect toy for your pooch.

Ball Toys

If you are looking for dog toys, ball toys are essential items in your dog toy kit. They come in many varieties and are ideal for dogs that love to fetch. You can opt for tennis balls, rubber balls, flashing-light balls, or glow-in-the-dark balls for your loving pet.

While some balls are basic bouncers meant for retrieving, other balls contain squeakers or holes to hide treats.

The ideal ball for your pet is one that’s large enough for it to carry without swallowing it.

The tennis ball works great for most dogs, but you may find extra-large balls for bigger dogs and mini balls for daintier dogs.

Balls are interactive toys. They should never be treated as shredder material or chew toys since small pieces chewed from such balls can result in gastrointestinal or choking obstruction if ingested accidentally.

Interactive Fetch Toys

Dogs that love to fetch balls also love other retrieval toys. A Frisbee or disk type of toy could be more versatile for fetching purposes. In fact, you can easily vary the speed of the disk and change its direction to challenge your pet even further.

There are other retrieving toys such as rope-based toys and dummies to provide your loving pet with an ideally shaped toy to fetch.

These toys are usually made of plastic, rubber, rope, and other materials. They don’t have to be expensive either – check out these discount dog toys.

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Soft Plush Toys

Many dogs love to play with soft plush toys due to the interaction they get from such toys. Your pet may tear these toys apart like prey or carry them around like babies. Soft plush dogs toys contain squeakers and stuffing.

Your pet may rip into the toy and the stuffing will go everywhere. The pet will try to kill its prey by destroying the squeaker and tearing the toy.

Once the prey is killed, your pet will carry and shake it – which is a natural part of the hunting behavior of a dog. In fact, it could be highly satisfying for dogs.

You should keep an eye on your pet when you let it play with plush toys to make sure the dog doesn’t swallow parts of the toy during the “kill play.”

If your dog is a strong chewer, plush toys won’t last long. But your dog will still have plenty of fun with plush toys with a little supervision on your part.


Squeaky Toys

Squeaky toys are non-plush and come in different sizes and shapes. These toys are usually made of rubber, vinyl, or plastic.

Since the durability of squeaky toys can vary, you should pick the right toy for your pet based on its chewing habits and jaw strength.

If your dog is a strong chewer, thick rubber is the best material for him. Mild chewers will do fine with plastic or thinner vinyl toys.

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Rope Toys

These toys are made from braided rope. They may also contain plastic and rubber parts at times. These toys are used for fetching, chewing, or tug-of-war games.

Some dogs love rope toys while others may not have any interest in them.

Chewing on a rope could be beneficial for your pet’s teeth since it creates a brushing-like action and helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup.

If your dog is a strong chewer, he may easily shred rope toys. It can result in serious gastrointestinal obstructions. Hence, you should always supervise your pet when giving it a rope toy.

Tug Toys

Many dogs love to play tug with their owners or other dogs. It is natural to your dog since your pet is trying to display its predatory nature this way. It is also a great physical exercise for your pet.

Tug toys come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Opt for a tug toy that you can easily hold in your hand and pull on.

It should also be easy for your pet to bite and pull on. The toy should be durable to hold up to the strength of your pet’s pulling power.

Replace worn or fraying toys to make sure they don’t break in the middle of a game and hurt someone.

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Floating Toys

If your pet loves swimming, he will like floating toys. These toys are made from rubber, plastic, and foam material. They are easy for your pet to find and gran in the water.

These toys are ideal for swimming exercises as well as mental stimulation since your pet has to figure out how to grab and fetch the toy.


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