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How to Respond to a Pet Emergency

Last Updated on July 14, 2023 by Dogs Vets

How to Respond to a Pet Emergency


As of 2022, around 90.5 million American households own at least one pet. In other words, the lives of millions of people revolve around their pets. They worry about them when they aren’t snuggling up with their furry friends.

This is sadly the case during pet emergencies. Even if you don’t own a pet, if you’re around someone who does, you’re next to them, helping when such events occur.

If you’re unsure how to handle a pet emergency, read on. We’ll fill you in on what to do.


Stay Calm

The steps you take to intervene and provide safety to your pet will be far more effective if you can keep a level head and think clearly.

Because your pet cannot communicate directly and depends on you to help them, it is essential to have a stable frame of mind to make the best decisions possible.

pet emergency

Panicking can worsen the situation and interfere with taking the measures necessary to help your pet. Speak calmly to your pet and reassure it.

You may also want a nearby friend or family member to help keep you calm and focused.

Assess the Situation

Start by taking a few moments to determine the nature and severity of the issue. Are you conscious of the pet’s current location, any other animals present, and the general safety of the situation?

Assess the surrounding environment and the pet’s condition. Can you identify any clues that may indicate why the emergency occurred? Is the pet exhibiting any signs of pain or distress?

Contact a Veterinarian

Educate yourself beforehand with your emergency vet’s contact information, address, and hours of operation.

When you contact your veterinarian, be prepared with a brief description of your pet’s current condition, its symptoms, and how long they have been occurring. Also, have your pet’s medical records on hand, along with emergency contact numbers for you and any other necessary caregivers.

Safely Transport Your Pet

If your pet is still conscious, try to get them in a pet carrier or ensure they are securely fastened in a vehicle. If the pet is too large for a carrier, cover them with a blanket and carry or drag them into the car.

If the pet is unconscious, make sure its head is supported and that its airway is clear. If the pet is too large to carry, use pieces of cardboard or a blanket to form a makeshift stretcher and carry the pet to the vehicle.

Before you arrive at the vet, it’s best if you can provide the proper first aid. Doing so can affect the chances of your pet’s survival. As a dog owner, it’s best to learn proper pet first aid techniques like performing Dog CPR beforehand.


Know How to Handle a Pet Emergency Properly

It is important to remain calm yet quickly respond to a pet emergency.

Always contact a veterinarian immediately. Working with a veterinarian during emergency situations can make a difference in the recovery of our beloved animals.

How to Respond to a Pet Emergency

Make sure to have all medical information readily available to help better prepare yourself and your pet for any potential emergency. Take the time to plan for yourself and your pet before an emergency arises.

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