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Keep Your Pet on a Healthy Diet with Petlibro Pet Feeder

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Keep Your Pet on a Healthy Diet with Petlibro Pet Feeder


I adore my fur baby, Toto.

Unfortunately, I am a busy dog parent like most of you here.

In fact, I often feel guilty every time I wake up to a hungry Toto in the morning just because I couldn’t feed him at night after a late night work meeting.

So, when I learnt that an automatic feeder can help schedule Toto’s meals and take care of his nutritional needs I was elated!

And so my search for the best automatic pet feeder began.

Some of the feeders I came across during my research were alright but others were nothing to write home about. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel right?

Well, after lots of trials and research, I finally found great and reliable automatic pet feeders from the company, Petlibro.

Notably, the Petlibro WIFI Automatic Pet Feeder was perfect for my small dog.

The Petlibro WIFI Automatic Pet Feeder Review

The Petlibro pet feeder is an automatic and reliable kibble dispenser.

Notably, this automatic feeder does more than just dish out food for your pup as you can use it

  • To ensure your pet will never miss a feeding when you aren’t around or are too busy to feed them
  • To serve consistent food portions at regular times which helps keep your pet on a healthy diet when you’re away
  • To control your pet’s weight and food intake as it dispenses food according to the scheduled portions
  • To set a personalized food schedule for your dog

What You Get Out Of the Box

The Petlibro WIFI automatic pet feeder comes in a beautiful white box. Once you open the box you’ll find that the feeder is packaged really well with plenty of dense materials to keep it safe during transportation.

Some of the items you’ll find in the box include:

  • A 4-liter white plastic feeding hopper
  • A black hopper lid
  • A detachable 2-inch deep feeding bowl
  • An AC power adapter and cord
  • A card with a QR code for setting up the Petlibro app
  • Desiccant silica gel
  • A metal bowl liner
  • A clear easy to use instruction manual


The Petlibro feeder’s design is really simple so you won’t have a problem assembling it. In fact, you may not need to use the instruction manual to get this feeder started.

Simply, attach the food bowl to the bottom of the hopper and plug in the power cord. You can also use 3-D batteries to power up the feeder. The batteries aren’t included with the package though.

Once you’re done setting up the feeder, it’s time to try it out.

How It Works

Start by filling up the feeder’s hopper with dry kibble.

Notably, the Petlibro hopper has a 4-liter capacity and it can comfortably hold about 4.5 pounds of kibble. Unfortunately, this is not the best feeder for wet food as it only dispenses kibble.

A great thing about this feeder is that it’s easy to program.

The feeder allows you to program up to four different mealtimes and a maximum of 12 portions of meals per feed. One portion of the meal is equivalent to 2.5 teaspoons of dry dog food. So, you’ll need about four portions to fill a ¼ of a cup.

The 4-liter hopper has a record, reset, and feed buttons and LED indicators on the front. You can use the three buttons to set a timer, create a feeding schedule, or record your voice.

To set up an automatic feeding schedule, select the time using the time button, the days you want the schedule to run, and the number of portions the feeder should dispense.

The clear LCD screen will let you know the feed number you’re on and how many portions you have scheduled so far. When you press the feed button, the feeder will dispense one portion of the feed.

You can also use the Petlibro app to set up your feeder.

To get started, you’ll need a reliable internet connection, a smartphone and the QR code to install the Petlibro app. The good thing about using the app is that you can use it to schedule or dispense your pet’s meals when you’re at work or on vacation.


Some of the things I loved about this feeder include the record button which you can use to record a 10-second voice message. This is really helpful for dog parents whose pets love to hear their voice when feeding or have to be called during feeding time.

Something else that stood out for me is the stainless steel metal bowl liner.

Most feeders I have come across have plastic bowls which most dogs will gnaw on. Besides, such bowls often develop cracks that can harbor bacteria. Not so with this feeder as the metal bowl liner makes cleaning the bowl a breeze.

Moreover, the bowl is the perfect size for a small dog as it isn’t very shallow nor is it too deep.

Other advantages that stood out include:

  • Easy to use manual with well-written instructions
  • A large 4L feeding hopper that can keep dispensing food for days when you aren’t home
  • Voice recorder that allows you to record your voice for your pet when you’re away
  • Included is a desiccant packet to keep the kibble dry and fresh
  • More than one power option
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning purposes
  • Clear LCD screen


A notable disadvantage of using this feeder is that mischievous pups might figure out how to feed themselves.

Since the hopper’s lid has nothing holding it securely in place, a pet who manages to topple the hopper or open the lid will have access to the food.

Other cons include:

  • This feeder is more suited for small and medium-sized dogs due to the small meal portions
  • Not ideal for pets that feed on canned food

Final Thoughts

It’s always a joy to find a tool that my fur baby loves. This feeder was reliable as it dispensed each feed as scheduled.

Besides, I loved the fact that I could have peace of mind while away knowing that my pup won’t miss his meals.

Unless your dog feeds on wet food or you have a large dog breed like a GSD or a Lab, we highly recommend this feeder.

The feeder retails at $85.99 and you can find it here.



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