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Light Therapy for Dogs Arthritis

Last Updated on October 27, 2022 by Dogs Vets

Light Therapy for Dogs Arthritis


Your pet dog can develop arthritis just like humans, as they also have bones and joints.

It is painful to see your pets in pain, and that’s why vets have introduced a new treatment. Light therapy for dog arthritis is one of the best and fastest ways to relieve dogs from the pain of arthritis.

Different types of veterinarian laser lights are available in the market for treating arthritis. Besides being comfortable for your pet, these lights are easy to handle and operate.

Let’s see how light therapy works for healing your dog.

Light Therapy for Dogs Arthritis

First, you must find out if your dog is confirmed positive for arthritis or not. So, it’s a must that you verify first whether your dog has arthritis or not. Here’re some of the possible dog arthritis symptoms.

  • Stiffness in the muscles
  • Difficulty in walking or running
  • Pain in the bones, joints, or muscles
  • Aggressiveness and change in behavior due to pain
  • Occasional idleness and indifference to playing
  • Swollen legs

You must take immediate action if you see multiple of these symptoms in your dog. The vet may suggest light therapy to treat arthritis after diagnosing it. But which one is the best of all?

There are different options for laser lights to treat human diseases, but the LED light is the best for dog arthritis.

The LED light is sufficient to penetrate the skin, bones, and joints and reach specific cells. That’s why people, including pet owners and vets, trust the capabilities of LED lights.

Though LED lights are considered among lower-powered lights, it is still strong enough to treat arthritis.

The light goes through the dog’s body after lighting it on the targetted body part. This light therapy helps the muscles to recover if there is any stiffness and eases them.

It can also reduce the inflammation that arthritis causes and reduces the pain.

The light is absorbed by the body cell and, thus, has enough energy to heal. The light also heals the bones if there is any damage or decay. Moreover, led light therapy prevents further damage so that the dog’s health doesn’t deteriorate.

You won’t need to depend on the doctor’s chamber now because some home LED lights are available for at-home usage.

These are very lightweight and look like remotes that you can easily operate. So, you can perform light therapies on your dog per doctors’ prescription at home.

Now you may wonder why light therapy for dog arthritis when we have other options. The reasons are quite simple: first of all, light therapy is painless. Some injections or body movements can cause pain, but light therapy doesn’t.

On the other hand, medications for arthritis can have some residual yet fatal side effects, but LED light therapies are free from such risks.

Moreover, medication and exercise therapies may take too long for the dog to recover. But light therapy ensures a quick recovery while providing comfort.

The most important reason for preferring light therapies over other methods is it’s easy to control the dogs when performing the therapy.

It is difficult to get a hold of pets when it comes to getting them to exercise or injecting them. Sometimes pet owners find it difficult to give their dogs oral medicines. That’s why light therapy has been a popular treatment, as it’s easy and harmless.

The low-frequency and low-emission lights are good for dogs with arthritis because these don’t create extra body heat inside and leave no after-effects.

In a nutshell, red light therapy for dog arthritis is, without question, effective and painless treatment of all times.

Other Possible Methods to Cure Dog Arthritis

As mentioned before, light therapy is not the only solution for dog arthritis. You can opt for some other treatment methods if you want. Let’s see what other treatments you can choose instead of light therapy.


Physiotherapy or different sorts of exercise is one of the most effective ways to treat or cure arthritis. This treatment has been actively performed on dogs even when medical science didn’t introduce light therapy.

Bone and joint workouts for a certain time daily can be a part of pain management, even if arthritis doesn’t fully cure. So, you can continue performing it even if you don’t want your dog to undergo light therapy.

Weight Management

Sometimes being overweight can cause arthritis in dogs like humans. So, it is necessary to follow up and do everything necessary to reduce the dog’s weight. You have to monitor the food and exercise that will help reduce the dog’s body weight.


There are many supplements available in the market to treat dogs’ arthritis. Those can be either vitamin D or calcium, which help the bones and joints to recover. You have to consult a vet for his recommended dosage of supplements. Check the components written on the supplement containers before giving it to your dog.


Some surgeries can eliminate the damaged tissues that can reduce the pain from arthritis. Surgeries may cause some risks to the pets, which is why some pet owners are against surgeries for their pets. On the other hand, some minor surgeries don’t have such risks. So you can relieve your dogs from the pain of undergoing surgery.

Gel or Oil

You can use compressed bags full of gel or oil based on your preference of either heated or cooled. Once they are ready, you can hold them against your dog for it to work as therapy. If you find difficulty handling your pet while performing therapies, you can purchase the bare gel or oil.

Oil or gel massage is another way which can ease arthritis pain. But you have to ensure that the oil or gel doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients.

Bottom Line

After going through the whole article, you might have understood the importance of light therapy for dogs’ arthritis.

Moreover, you know about other treatment methods than light therapy for your pets’ arthritis. Try to get your dog the best treatment possible because you don’t want to see your cuddly pups suffer.



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