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Raw food for dogs: 14 Benefits of feeding your dog Raw Food

Last Updated on November 8, 2022 by Dogs Vets

Raw food for dogs: 14 Benefits of feeding your dog Raw Food 


The practice of feeding your raw dog food or un-processed dog food with all-natural ingredients is referred to as “raw feeding,” and it is intended to simulate the diet that your dog would have encountered in the wild.

Because raw food diets for dogs are not cooked, the original nutritional integrity of the raw ingredients is preserved; this eliminates the need for synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements, which are often added to cooked commercial dog foods.

Raw food diets for cats are cooked; however, they do not preserve the original nutritional integrity of the raw ingredients.

The benefit and advantages of feeding your dog raw food and giving him raw food as treats

Your dog, who is running about the park or the garden with a vigor that you haven’t witnessed from him in the past.

advantages of feeding your dog raw food

The unhappy, lethargic canine with the gurgling tummy, stinking breath, and the weird habit of gnawing his paws has been replaced with a joyful, content, tail-wagging counterpart that also features a slimmer body and a glossier coat.

That’s the effect that feeding your dog raw food could have!

A significant number of people who own dogs are now paying a great deal more attention to the food that they give their dogs.

The advantages of raw feeding are starting to become more obvious as the use of raw natural foods becomes more widespread.

Continue reading to learn more; here is what we have to share:


The following are some of the health benefits that come from feeding your dog raw food:

  1. Dog shinier and in better health coat.
  2. Enhanced condition of the skin.
  3. Dog Better digestion.
  4. Bolstered immune system.
  5. Helps your dog to breathe better air.
  6. Better oral hygiene.
  7. Enhanced vitality in senior dogs and cats.
  8. More steady energy and stamina in all dogs.
  9. Improved mobility and ease of movement that is significantly improved.
  10. Easy to management of dog’s body weight.
  11. Helps improve better dog athletic physique.
  12. A lessening of the symptoms of allergies for dogs.
  13. Dog stools that are easier to pick up, more compact, less smelly, and firmer.
  14. Helps to reduced levels of hyperactivity and other behavioral problems.

Premium Raw Dog Food Provide Better Oral Hygiene

By the time they are three years old, more than three quarters of dogs and cats already have some degree of dental disease.

Brushing your dog’s teeth may be a very challenging activity, especially depending on how relaxed your dog is, and it may feel difficult to access specific areas of their mouth at times. This is something that many people who own dogs are aware of.

Researchers have discovered that the act of chewing, biting, and tearing raw meats and raw bones, which they refer to as foods with a higher annoyance factor, helps to prevent dental disease.

Raw Dog Food Provides Better health and a more Radiant Coat

Your dog will receive the vital fatty acids and amino acids that they require from a diet that is composed of fresh, raw, and natural foods.

These nutrients are necessary for your dog to have healthy skin and a coat that is glossy.

The skin and fur of a dog are almost entirely composed of protein, and the body uses up to 30 percent of the protein it gets from food to keep the skin and fur in good shape.

Because of this, the easily digestible protein level of a high-quality natural raw dog food will turn a coat that is dull and lifeless into one that is glossy, bright, and healthy.

A change to a raw food may also result in obvious benefits to the skin, particularly in dogs that have issues with skin irritations.


More on Raw food Diets for Dogs

Raw dog food also provides relief for those suffering from food sensitivities and allergies

A diet that consists of these substances (and others) can manifest in a variety of health disorders. Corn, wheat, and soy are all potential allergies for dogs; a diet consisting of these ingredients (and others) can also cause various health conditions.

Raw food diets are typically grain-free and gluten-free because that is how nature intended them to be.

Raw food diets are more species-appropriate than cooked food diets, which helps maintain a healthy gut environment and, as a result, an effective immune response.

An imbalance in the gut is thought to be the underlying cause of a wide variety of unwelcome symptoms.

As a result, the first step toward the resolution of many illnesses, such as ear, nose, and eye problems, stomach complaints, itching, paw licking, and even mobility challenges, is frequently the first move toward adding in food that nourishes and removing food that irritates.

Consequently, When processed, refined, and synthetic ingredients are eliminated from a dog’s diet in favor of a diet consisting solely of raw dog food, the dog’s symptoms frequently improve rapidly.

*It is important to note that the conditions that can be brought on by food sensitivities or food allergies are not limited to those that have been listed above.
Improved digestion

The digestive system is the part of the body that is responsible for ensuring that the complex organs, systems, and activities of the body are able to absorb the nutrition they need to function properly. Therefore, proper digestion is absolutely necessary for maintaining one’s health and well-being.

A diet consisting of raw dog food is beneficial to the digestive tract of a canine.

The PH levels, gut flora, and short digestive tract of the canine stomach are designed to break down the proteins and bone in a raw dog food diet, not the carbs and intensively refined substances in processed foods.

Raw dog food diets are best for dogs that are fed only raw meat and bones.

It is believed that the presence of these components results in fermentation in the digestive tract, places stress on important organs, and may even result in inflammation (among other things).

A digestive tract that is not only clean and clear but also works properly can be attained via the consumption of genuine raw dog food.


Premium Raw Dog Food Enhanced vitality and physical strength

When dogs eat natural foods, they don’t suffer the sugar spikes and falls that are common when they eat kibble, and their energy levels are much more steady and stable.

This makes natural food diets excellent for the general well-being of dogs. Reduced peaks and valleys in blood pressure can help improve cognitive function and focus.

Fats and proteins are the two types of food that provide the most efficient sources of energy for dogs.

The consumption of natural raw foods, which are abundant in these essential macronutrients, leads to energy levels that are more consistent and reliable.

Eating a diet that contains less trash for the body to process lessens the strain placed on the organs and the systems of the body, which results in more energy that can be used to improve physiological functions, cognitive capacities, and focus. This makes perfect sense.

It is believed that eating foods high in carbohydrates, such as kibble, might generate energy swings similar to those experienced by humans due to spikes and dips in blood sugar levels.

It is interesting to note that numerous pieces of data point to the fact that dogs do not have any physiological need for the inclusion of carbs in their diet.
Boosted immune system

When a dog consumes the food that mother nature intended for them to consume, its immune system and the functioning of their internal organs are able to operate more effectively.

Because the digestive tract is home to 70% of the immune system, it stands to reason that consuming foods as close to their natural state as possible is beneficial to immune function.

As was mentioned earlier, a diet consisting primarily of raw dog food is highly beneficial to the digestive tract.

When you combine this with the abundance of vitamins and minerals that are essential for growth, repair, and development that are found in wholesome and natural ingredients,  which means that the body can easily absorb the nutrients from the food.

It makes perfect sense that feeding your dog a raw diet will help build good health for your dog from the inside out.


Raw Dog Food Helps With Body Weight

One of the most popular reasons for making the switch to a raw or natural diet for a dog is the animal’s current weight. And there is some good news: it is effective.

The primary components of many processed foods are nearly always high-calorie carbohydrate fillers.

These fillers are frequently fortified with substances that stimulate the dog’s appetite for additional food, but they offer very little in the way of true nutrition.

These carbohydrates cause the production of insulin in the body, which in turn leads to the storage of fat.

Additionally, the low amounts of quality protein lead to low satiation, which means the dog will feel hungry again in a short amount of time after eating. This leads to the continuation of the vicious cycle.

Studies have shown that meat is the diet with the lowest glycemic load (GL) that is available for dogs. This means that it does not cause a jump in sugar levels and does not cause insulin release; in other words, it has the opposite impact that carb-heavy foods do.

A diet consisting of high-quality raw foods is a far superior method for controlling a dog’s weight while minimizing the amount of food that is wasted.

Biologically appropriate raw dog food, often known as BARF, is of such high quality that the dog is able to absorb practically all of the nutrients and goodness that it contains, rather than excreting it as waste.

Smaller stools

In continuation of the discussion from the previous paragraph, one of the positive unintended effects of switching to raw feeding is that it typically results in less waste being excreted in the form of smaller stools.

Those who feed their dogs raw meat have reported a discernible reduction in the amount of waste their dogs create (which, as a result, needs to be picked up in the garden!).

In addition to this, feces are more solid, the function of the adrenal glands is naturally enhanced, and gas is typically eliminated as a result of the enhancements made to the digestive system.


How many kibbles should I give my dog each day?

Our raw dog food calculator can assist you in determining, according to the breed of your dog and its weight, how much food your dog should be eating on a daily basis.

If you are worried that your dog has lost interest in raw food, then it is possible that you are giving it too much of it.

Why do raw dog food diets work?

Dogs have evolved to eat in the same manner that their predecessors did when they lived in the wild, which is to say, raw and natural foods.

It is plainly evident that dogs are carnivores due to the structure of their teeth, as well as their gut and digestive system. The diet that was designed by nature is the one that is best for them.

Diets that are fresh, high in protein, and based on Meat are ideal for dogs.

The bioavailability of vitamins and minerals that come from animal-based foods is higher than that of vitamins and minerals that come from plant-based diets, which means that a dog’s body is better able to absorb the nutrients that come from these sources.

This type of nutrition, which is delivered by a natural and raw food, is referred to as species-appropriate nutrition.

Your canine companion needs a quality raw food diet because it provides all of the beneficial fats, proteins that are appropriate for their biology, and it contains important nutrients that they require to survive.



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