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Moving Tips with Dog – 11 Things You Need to Know

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Moving Tips with Dog

Moving can prove to be quite the rush, what with everything that you have to accomplish before moving day. Whether it’s reading up on AmeriFreight Reviews to decide on the best car shipping company to coordinating with professional movers, there seems to be a never-ending list of things you need to do. 

Moving can also become more stressful if you have a dog. After all, dogs can feel the tension and get stressed out. Here are some tips to help make your move easier on your furry friend. By following these, you can help keep your dog safe and comfortable during the move.

1. Get Your Dog Used to the Presence of Moving Supplies

Moving boxes and even the dolly can be scary things to a dog. Thus, you need to slowly introduce your dog to these supplies so that he knows not to fear them. Let your dog explore them on its own. If they’re hesitant, put some treats inside of a few boxes, then let your dog approach them on his own accord. Keep doing this until it becomes comfortable around the boxes. 

By doing this, you’re allowing your dog to see the boxes and other moving supplies as a positive thing. This way, you can move freely with the boxes without worrying about your dog becoming fearful of them.

2. Keep Your Dog’s Routine

A dog’s routine is like the backbone of its life. When you keep your dog’s routine consistent, it makes him feel safe and secure in your home because he knows what to expect every day. For instance, if your dog takes a morning walk at 7 AM, then that’s when you should take him out whether or not it’s moving day. 

Consistency with your dog’s routine will make his move less stressful because he’ll be able to adjust to the new place without having something disrupt his daily schedule.

3. Remember to Bring Your Dog’s Favorite Toys

You wouldn’t want your dog to be bored throughout the entire moving process, so bring their favorite toys. If you’re not sure what your dog’s favorite toys are, carry a variety of them to see which ones your dog tends to gravitate towards. 

If you have time, go online and research the best dog toys so that you can determine which ones are most beneficial for your furry friend.

4. Make Sure Your Dog Has Access to Water at All Times

You don’t want to leave your dog without access to water because that could leave your dog dehydrated. Also, if you’re moving on a hot day, you need to make sure that your dog has access to clean water at all times. This will prevent heat stroke or exhaustion from setting in.

5. Provide Your Dog with a Safe Space

You don’t want your dog to be running around all over the place as you’re packing up your boxes or moving out of your house. Thus, you need to provide him with a safe space to retreat to every hour or so when the chaos becomes too much for him to handle. A safe room works best for this, and you can make it more fun by putting some of his favorite toys and other familiar items like your clothes inside.

6. Get a Trusted Dog Sitter

You don’t want to leave your dog alone because that will only make him feel more stressed. Thus, get a trusted friend or family member to come and check in on your dog throughout the day and night when you’re busy with packing or moving duties. This way, they can help keep him calm and avoid any problems from arising while you run errands and do other things.

7. Contact Your Veterinarian

Some dogs become stressed out when they’re moved from one place to another, and they might need some medication for it.

There are even calming collars you can buy that help reduce your dog’s anxiety.

If you think your dog will be particularly stressed during a move, then contact your veterinarian to see if they have any recommendations on what you can do to help ease their anxiety.

8. Try to Keep the House Looking Normal

Your dog will be excited about the idea of you moving out, so try to keep your home looking as normal as possible.

For instance, if you have a trashcan in one room, don’t move it into another room until the very last minute.

If you do that, then your dog will think that something is up since he hasn’t seen that room in a while. Thus, just keep your home looking as normal as possible so that your dog isn’t confused by what’s going on around him.

9. Bring Your Dog to the New House Before You Start Moving In

People tend to get excited when they’re moving into their new house and want to start bringing in their items right away.

However, you need to realize that your dog will be pretty anxious about the new place once you bring him there for the first time. Thus, it’s best if you can bring your dog to your new home a few times to let it get acclimated to the new environment before moving in.

10. Don’t Make the Move Too Long

Moving is an exhausting process, and you’ll be busy with it all day. Thus, make sure that your dog doesn’t stay at the old home for too long because this will prolong his nervousness about moving out even more. A few hours is about all you need to get things done in most cases.

11. Give Your Dog the Chance to Walk Around After You’re Done Moving In

Your dog is going to be crazy excited when he sees that you’ve finally finished moving in and unpacked everything. Thus, give him a chance to get out of his safe space or room by taking him for a walk or running around the neighborhood. This way, he can stretch his legs and explore your new home before it gets too dark outside.


The Bottom Line: Consider Your Dog’s Wellness When Moving

Moving is a stressful and time-consuming process. The best thing you can do for yourself before or after your move is to make sure your dog feels comfortable and happy about the transition too.

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