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Longest Dog Tongue: Zoey the Lab-Shepherd Mix Breaks Guinness Record

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In the diverse and vibrant world of dog breeds, a unique Lab-Shepherd mix named Zoey is setting tongues wagging and raising eyebrows.

Recently crowned by the Guinness World Records for having the longest tongue among living dogs, Zoey is creating ripples in her hometown of Metairie, Louisiana, and beyond.

Zoey the Lab-Shepherd Mix Breaks Guinness Record Longest Dog Tongue

With a tongue stretching to an incredible 12.7 centimeters (5 inches), Zoey’s lolling licker is even longer than your average soda can. Owners Sadie and Drew Williams couldn’t be more delighted with their pup’s peculiar trait, which has been a talking point among friends, family, and passersby ever since Zoey was a pup.

“When we first got Zoey at six weeks old, we noticed her tongue sticking out in her first picture,” reminisces Sadie Williams. “We thought she’d grow into it eventually, but she obviously didn’t. Her tongue remains disproportionately large compared to her body.”

Despite the colossal tongue, Zoey is your regular, fun-loving, and friendly dog. She has an insatiable enthusiasm for playing fetch and loves plunging into any body of water she can find. However, her bath time is a different story. As Drew Williams shares, “She hates getting a bath.”

Zoey’s record-breaking tongue becomes particularly noticeable when she is panting after her outdoor escapades. “She ends up slobbering all over,” says Drew Williams.

“It’s almost like a badge of honor for those who brave enough to pet her – they often end up with a memorable slobber mark on their clothes.”

The former titleholder for the longest dog tongue was Bisbee, an English Setter from Tucson, Arizona. Bisbee boasted a tongue length of 9.49 centimeters (3.74 inches) – a record set just three months ago.

The late Mochi “Mo” Rickert, a female Saint Bernard, held the title before Bisbee with a prodigious tongue measuring 18.58 centimeters (7.3 inches). Mochi held the record for an impressive five years until her passing in November 2021.

Zoey the Lab-Shepherd Mix Breaks Guinness Record

Zoey, with her extraordinary, record-breaking tongue, not only adds a fascinating chapter to the Guinness World Records, but also illuminates the incredible diversity within the canine kingdom.

For more intriguing insights into the world of dogs, do visit the American Kennel Club. And for those interested in the dynamic world of record-breaking achievements, stay tuned with CNN’s International coverage!



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