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Pet owners guide to easy dog care hacks

Last Updated on November 4, 2022 by Dogs Vets

Pet owners guide to easy dog care hacks

Pet owners how to tackle several troubles that their Fury friend brings about. However, pet parents can use 50 dog life hacks and are bubbling with genius ideas and gadgets to manage their furry friends without any hassles.

Here are a few simple skills to assist you in taking care of your pup and keeping you at the top of your game:

Invest in dog crates

Dog crates play a crucial role in keeping your pup safe and protecting your surroundings simultaneously.

Crates are equipment that helps dog owners to help their sorry friend break from too many activities. It also allows individuals to travel with their pets.

However, pet parents must train their dogs to be comfortable in their soft bedding and utilize it when they need it.

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Use a mixture of vinegar and soda for removing odour

In the absence of adequate knowledge, a pet owner’s house can smell urine and poop left by their dogs. The ideal way to remove the odour is to soak the urine with a towel and spray a vinegar mixture and baking soda solution.

Such a dilution helps to remove the dirty smell, thereby leaving your house order free. Once the excess moisture gets released, you can sprinkle some baking soda and allow it to dry.

However, it is essential to keep your pets away during this process as dogs are allergic to baking soda. You must also deodorize and clean up the place.

Use water bowls that attach to the crate

It is essential to keep a bowl of water for your pet when you are travelling. You must freeze the water before attaching the bowl to the crate, so it does not spill during transit.

Allow the water to melt gradually, making it ready for your pop during a long flight.

Choose an alternative to brushing teeth

Many dogs dislike the experience of brushing their teeth. Under such circumstances, you must apply some toothpaste to a brush and motivate your furry friend to lick it just for fun.

Such a hack will remove the bacteria from that tongue, thereby eliminating bad breath. You can also minimize mouth odour by adding parsley to your pet’s food, giving them adequate vitamins, and taking care of mouth odour.

Use turmeric as a soothing agent

Studies approve that herbs such as turmeric can help to fight several diseases such as cancer. It is an anti-inflammatory agent and works best to reduce pain.

Turmeric also helps in eliminating the toxins from your body. You can use the herb for your furry friend to protect it from diseases.

However, since turmeric is an ingredient that acts as a blood thinner, it is essential to consult your vet before amplifying it to your dog’s diet.

Dramatize to get your dog back to you

Just like children, pets also miss behaving at times. Sometimes your furry friend is not ready to respond no matter what you say. Under such circumstances, a pet owner must use a fail-safe word that brings him back quickly.

Dog owners can dramatize with some clever acting such as pretending to be hurt ok calling them for a treat. Such unusual behaviour can bring them back to you without any hassle.

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