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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Labradoodle 

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Labradoodle 


So you’ve decided that you’re finally going to get a pet, and you think a dog would be an amazing choice. But you’re a first-time dog owner and you’re not sure what kind of dog would be the best for you.

Maybe you have kids or other small animals at home already too – that’s certainly something to consider when getting a new dog. 

Well, the good news is that there are countless breeds out there that are perfect for everyone, and even with more “controversial” dog breeds, your choice should depend on the personality, behavior, and training of the individual dog.

In any case, you don’t even need to buy a purebred dog – how about a Labradoodle? A mix between a labrador and a poodle. Doesn’t that sound like an absolute dream? Here’s what they look like: 

Why You Need a Labradoodle 

Aren’t they the cutest? Now, let’s talk about all the reasons you should buy a labradoodle. 

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1. They’re Easy to Train 

When adopting a particular kind of dog, one of the things on your mind should be how easy they are to train. If you get a puppy, their training will be your responsibility and you need to make sure you do a good job of it. 

However, you don’t want to make it any harder for yourself by getting a dog that’s not easy to train – but that’s not the case with Labradoodles. You can read about labradoodle on Pride & Prejudoodles or any other place all over the internet and you’ll find out the same thing – Labradoodles are easy to train.


2. They’re Good With Kids and Small Animals 

Labradoodles are meant to be family dogs, and they’re really gentle and playful with kids and small animals.

If you have any cats or small children around a properly socialized Labradoodle, you’ll hardly see it being anywhere near aggressive towards them. 

Compare this with how easy they are to train and you just got yourself a dog that’s nothing but a delight to be around. 


3. They Don’t Shed Much 

A great problem with larger-sized dogs is that they shed a lot – this means that you’ll be cleaning your furniture a lot and constantly finding pet hair everywhere, and it also means frequent baths and brushing. 

With how fluffy Labradoodles look, one might think it’s the same with them, right? Well, not at all.

Labradoodles hardly shed as much as other dogs do, and a lot of people are of the opinion that they don’t shed at all! Still, be mindful that they’ll need regular baths and brushing to keep their coats clean and healthy, but you won’t find their fur all over the house. 

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Labradoodle don't shed much 


4. They Love Company 

Labradoodles are happy dogs who love company, be it you, other animals, or children. This means that they might get anxious, sad, or distressed if you leave them alone.

Labradoodles, however, are perfect for big families or for people who work from home. 

They’ll forever have you busy with their antics and cheer you up when you’re sad. This also makes them great service dogs – you won’t find a better companion to keep an eye on you! 

5.Their Temperament Doesn’t Change With Age  

Perhaps the saddest thing about dogs is their short lifespan – it’s certainly the only thing about them we’d change – and it’s even sadder when you see your beloved dogs getting old in front of your eyes.

Their outward appearance, their behavior, it all changes when they approach the end years of their lives. 

They might start sleeping more, get sick more often, and not be up to play a lot when they’re older – but not Labradoodles.

These little fellas – who actually come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and fur types – are going to retain their puppy-dog eyes and features, as well as their personalities right until the very end. 

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If you’re getting a dog, you can’t go wrong with a Labradoodle. They’re going to be great for your kids and other pets, they’re easy to train, have great, fun personalities, and so much more. Head over to your nearest shelter to get your hands on the perfect Labradoodle today. 



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