Pitbull Puppies Blue Nose – Everything You Need to Know Today

Pitbull Puppies Blue Nose – Everything You Need to Know Today

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Everything You Need to Know about Pitbull Puppies Blue Nose



American Pit Bull Terrier

The American PitBull Terrier is a well-known dog breed that is recognized by the United Kennel Club and the American Dog Breeders Association but not by the American Kennel Club. It is a medium-sized, very intelligent, short-haired dog of solid build whose early ancestors came from the British Isles.

The Pitbull puppy

The Pitbull Breed Characteristics
Size: 18 to 21 inches tall
Weight: 30-60lbs
Lifespan: 12-15 Years
Coat: Short and stiff
Color: Light gray with white markings on face and body
Do They Shed: Yes, infrequent shedding
Temperament: Loyal, affectionate, and playful
Intelligence: Very smart
Socialization: Not dog friendly
Destructive Behavior: Prone to chew out of boredom
People Skills: Good with people
Good with Children: Great with kids (however, all dogs require supervision with children)
Activity Levels: Very energetic


Although pit bulls are terribly protective of their favorite people, they are also quite friendly. As a puppy, a Pit Bull wants to play all day, every day and loves to interact with children and adults alike.

With ancestry from England, Scotland, and Ireland, the Pit Bull was created by crossing different breeds of bulldogs and terriers together. Although originally bred to fight large animals, this has since been banned. They have also made excellent rat hunters due to their terrier roots.

A Pit Bull has no official breed standards and can go by one of many names: American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bully, or affectionately “Pitties,” “Pibbles,” or “Bullies.” This breed is closely related to the American Staffordshire Terrier, as both have similar broad, flat heads and sturdy bodies.

The American Kennel Club does not recognize this breed. However, other well-known clubs such as the United Kennel Club and the American Dog Breeders Association do recognize the pit bull as part of the official package.

At the end of the day, who needs to be officially recognized anyway?

If you are a PitBull lover, the PitBull will always have a special place in your heart.


Pit Bull Puppy Facts

The Pit Bull sometimes gets a bad rap, but with its friendly attitude, a Pit Bull will melt your heart and find a way to be a part of your family. Here are some facts to consider before you bring home a pit bull puppy:

  • Dog Size: Pit bulls tend to come in medium or large varieties, ranging from 30-90 pounds and 17-19 inches.
  • Characteristics: A pit bull is a strong and very robust dog whose most characteristic feature is its broad face. They have a broad, flat head and a strong jaw with small to medium ears and a short, thin tail.

    They have a short, fine coat. Other than that, pit bulls do not have defined colors that relate to their breed. You will find them in steel-gray to white with brown patches. All color variations depend on what kind of bulldogs and terriers are mixed into the breed.
  • Temperament: A pit bull may be considered common in pop culture, but a pit bull’s natural temperament is just the opposite. Outgoing and friendly, this stocky dog has a strong desire to please people. However, their powerful jaws like to chew when they are bored. So keep them busy you have to give them plenty of exercises.
  • Grooming and Health Need: Due to a Pit Bull’s short coat, they require minimal grooming. However, sometimes their short coat may not protect the skin from skin allergies or mange. Be sure to trim nails and check teeth regularly on all dogs. Genetically, pit bulls can suffer from hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and degenerative myelopathy.
  • Training: This will help tremendously get a pit bull puppy used to walking on a leash. They are driven by prey from a history of rats and a combination of terriers, so even well-trained pit bulls can get a little distracted.

    While you are on a leash, this is a great opportunity to get to know your pitbull puppy. This teaches them to play nicely without running away when they see something they want to catch.
  • Strength Level: Pit Bulls are a very energetic breed and require quite a bit of exercise. A fenced-in yard where they can play vigorously is ideal so they can get rid of their excess energy. They crave to please humans, so it is best to play games where they can be rewarded by you while you run around.
  • Life Span: The average lifespan of a Pitbull lives between 12 – 14 years on average.


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Who is the right person for a Pitbull puppy?

Pit bulls are very well suited for family life. They are known to be gentle and playful with children and love being part of an active household. They need many opportunities to get rid of excess energy. So, if they are confined to an apartment without access to much exercise, it can lead to destructive behavior.

A well-trained Pitty is a happy Pitty. So, early leash training and getting used to dogs and people will set your Pit Bull puppy up for a full and joyful life.

Everything You Need to Know about Pitbull puppy
Pitbull Pictures 

Things to Know Before Getting a Pit Bull puppy

Deciding to adopt or consult a pitbull puppy’s blue nose breeder for your new pitbull puppy is a personal decision that requires research. Fortunately, many resources are available to help you find a rescue or breeder that offers healthy pitbull puppies ethically.

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Knowing what you are in the mood for when you get a pit bull puppy is an important step in being a responsible pet owner. Whether you find a responsible breeder or plan to adopt, it’s up to you to be prepared for an energetic and friendly addition to your household.


Take Care of Your Blue Nose Pit Bull

Although Blue Nose Pits look like healthy dogs that don’t need grooming, they still require much attention and love.


How do you take care of a Blue Nose Pit Bull inside and out?


Caring for a very active pitbull

It is enough to brush the coat once a week. Regular brushing ensures that natural oils are evenly distributed throughout the Pittie’s short coat, and helps keep shedding under control.

Blue Nose Pitbulls shed a small to moderate amount of fur. Unfortunately, this means that these pit bulls are not hypoallergenic.

Since he is an energetic dog, you can also expect your Blue Nose Pit to sweat a lot!

Make sure he stays fresh (and smelling good) by bathing him at least once a month. This is very important if you live in an apartment.

Don’t forget to brush his teeth, clean his ears, and trim his nails, which can grow very quickly. Active Blue Nose Pits can naturally wear down their nails, which means less frequent trimming for you.


A diet that is suitable for Blue Nose Pit Bull

Diet is another essential part of any dog’s life. The amount of food you give your Blue Nose Pitbull depends on many factors, such as age and activity level.

With the Blue Nose Pitbull puppy, it is ideal for him to eat a total of 1 cup of dry dog food, divided into three meals per day.

A diet that is suitable for Blue Nose Pit Bull

An adult Blue Nose Pit can be given nibbles two to three times a day to boost their energy level. Feed your Pittie 30 calories per pound of his body weight.

Make sure the dog food you choose can meet the Pit Bull’s daily nutritional needs. For example, Kibble, which is rich in protein, can help the Blue Nose Pittie maintain his muscle mass and strengthen his joints.

Fat keeps his coat shiny and healthy while providing him with enough energy for his exercise routine. Although they can be a source of energy, carbohydrates are not a priority for Blue Nose APBT’s diet.

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A raw food diet may work for this pit bull, but it’s always a good idea to consult your veterinarian before changing anything about your dog’s diet.


Health problems that Blue Nose Pitbulls may have

Pit bulls are generally healthy, but because their breed comes from a relatively small gene pool, Blue Nose Pit bulls are more prone to genetic problems.

These Pitties are prone to heart disease as well as immune and nervous system dysfunction.

They are also prone to allergies and skin problems. So, be on the lookout for rashes or other irregularities in the skin, and don’t hesitate to take your dog to the vet.

Always remember that your Blue Nose Pit Bull has a lifespan of 12 to 16 years. With a healthy lifestyle and regular wellness exams, most health problems can be kept at bay.


Adopting Pitbull Puppies blue nose

It may be surprising to know, but adopting a pit bull puppy is possible.

According to AKC, most breed rescues report that a majority of their rescue dogs come from surrenders by individual owners, with the most common reasons being a lifestyle change or a breed not being right for them. This means there may be many dogs and puppies looking for new forever homes.

blue nose pitbull puppy for adoption
Blue Nose Pitbull Puppy


The main difference between a breeder and a rescue is that a rescue may not always have young puppies to choose from. The advantage, however, is that most are only allowed to adopt dogs that have been microchipped and neutered.

This means you may have a dog that is already housebroken and does not need these common medical procedures.

You may also find a pit bull mix with all the characteristics you expect from the breed, but with a little more.

Finding a pit bull rescue can be as easy as searching the internet. The AKC also has an excellent list of pit bull rescues on their website.


Finding a Pitbull Puppies Blue Nose Breeder

The first step is to do your research. Unfortunately, many puppy mills are posing as reputable breeders, along with many online scams. Be aware and reach out to various online forums to have conversations about attracting your future furry family member.

Be sure to ask questions, make arrangements to meet the parent dogs or mother, and follow your gut. If something seems off at a breeder you visit or the pitbull puppy seems too good to be true, there’s probably something going on.

The AKC also offers resources for finding a breeder with fairly strict guidelines for participation.


Pitbull Puppies Blue Nose For Sale

You can also buy a Pitfall Puppy via an independent website called: www.5miles.com

An American Blue Nose Pitbull puppy can cost between $1,000 to $3,000.

As with any dog, you should always locate a reputable breeder.

These dogs are uncommon and could be very expensive. People will convince potential buyers by inbreeding to get the perfect blue color. This can cause serious health problems for the puppy.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, always ask the breeder to see the litter with your mother. This will give you an idea of the temperament of the puppy and the health of your mother.

You should ask as many questions as possible, for example: What are they feeding the puppies, what socialization have they been exposed to, how many litters has the mother dog had?

A careful breeder will also ask you questions and make sure you are suitable for one of his puppies. They should also provide health certificates for the mother and tell you if the puppy’s vaccinations are up to date.

Since inbreeding can be a problem in this breed, it is best to find a breeder who uses genetic screening to his advantage. This can reduce the prevalence of hip dysplasia in dog populations.

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A puppy should be at least 8 weeks old to leave mother.


FAQs (frequently asked questions)


Why are Blue Nose Pitbulls rare?

The recessive gene that causes the gray coloration is uncommon in Pitties, and it is rarer for two Pitbulls with this recessive gene to breed.

Given the low probability of producing a blue nose pitbull, some breeders use different methods to ensure that they get pitbull puppies with blue noses.

These breeders turn to inbred Pitties from the same litter, despite the consequences to the dog’s health, in order to profit from these dogs when needed.

Don’t judge a blue-nosed pit bull by its cover.

No matter how amazingly different they look, many people still worry about the pit bull background of these dogs.

But did you know that pit bulls score near golden retrievers in temperament tests? Pit bulls are generally considered aggressive because they have been used in dog fights in the past, but all of that is wrong.

Pit bulls are some of the most predictable dogs in the dog world. They love dogs with a calm nature.

Most Pitties are even gentle with children. With their sturdy build, they don’t mind being hugged tightly by the little ones in their family.

If you want a Blue Nose Pitbull in your family, be prepared to have an expressive dog. These dogs have no concept of personal space and will snuggle up to family members whenever possible.


Are blue nose pit bulls dangerous?

A dog’s aggression is often a reflection of its owner, not its temperament. Every dog develops a tendency to lash out and bite when neglected, mistreated, and threatened.

Properly trained, the Blue Nose Pit Bull is a goofy and friendly creature that loves to play and learn with his favorite human.

That’s the thing about this breed. It loves to interact with people. Most of them will not make good guard dogs or watchdogs because they greet strangers with wagging tails and slobbering kisses.

This breed is also a loyal companion. They will show you how much they love you with their protective nature. If the Blue Nose Pitbull feels a threat nearby, they will defend their pack without hesitation.

However, Blue Nose Pit Bulls demand so much attention that they can quickly become jealous if another dog enters the picture. This is something you can train out of your Pittie through socialization.


🐕 What breed is a Blue Nose Pit Bull?

The Blue Nose Pitbull is not a different breed, but a type of American Pit Bull Terrier. And although they are the same kind of dog, they have some differences in terms of their appearance, which we have mentioned here.

🐶 How can you tell if a pit bull is a blue nose?

If you look at the nose of a pit and it has a light black or gray color, then you have a pit bull with a blue nose. But aside from their sniffer, they have other characteristics that set them apart from other Pitties. You can find these physical characteristics in this section.


⚠️ Are blue nose pit bulls more aggressive?

The term “pit bull” itself has negative connotations around the world. But remember that every dog is unique. Not one pit bull is like another. And these fur babies deserve so much more than to be generalized. Do you really think the color of a dog’s nose or his name is enough to affect his temperament?


👍  Are Blue Nose Pit Bulls easy to train?

It is common knowledge that teaching a puppy is much easier compared to an adult, regardless of breed. And before you can train any type of dog and assess their abilities or skills, you must first know what they are like.

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