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Rodent Proof your Home

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Rodent Proof your Home

It’s never any fun to find out that rats and other rodents have infiltrated your home and are now living in your space.

Anytime you find rodents in your house, you need to call a rat control service Los Angeles residents can trust. Even though a professional can take care of your rodent problem, it’s always best to be preemptive and rodent-proof your home.

There are a few simple things that you can do to make your living space less appealing to rats. The sooner you do it, the fewer rats will see your space as a viable living option.


Remove Rat Habitats

The first step that you can take is to get rid of the places where rats like to live. You can find them both inside your home and outside of it.

Start by getting rid of any outdoor clutter or debris and the rats will start to pass your property by.

Next up you want to tackle the living spaces inside your home. Get into your basement and clear out all of the boxes and clutter that you see.

You can also store your stuff on shelves and keep them off of the floor to make a real difference.


Repair Foundation Holes

Any rat can make its way into your house very easily if you have cracks and holes in your foundation. The rodents will simply walk right into your basement and start living off your trash.

Make sure to seal any cracks or holes that you can find to make sure the rats can’t get in.

It’s also a very good idea to install self-closing hinges on your doors. If you’re used to leaving it open, or even just not closing it all the way, you’re inviting the rats right in.

Make your house as secure as possible and the rats won’t be able to bother you.


Hire a Professional

No matter how much work you put into learning how to rodent-proof your house, there’s always a chance that the rats will find their way in. That’s when you want to hire a professional to take care of the problem right away.

The longer they stick around, the more damage they’re going to cause.

Don’t try to get rid of the rats on your own.

Let someone who knows how to get them out do it for you. That’s the only way to make sure it gets done properly.


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