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Dog Grooming Tables that Support an Ergonomic Design

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Dog Grooming Tables that Support an Ergonomic Design

While you can get fold-up tables if you’re showing your dog at a dog show event, you want to use a more ergonomically designed table if you groom dogs or you’re a dog owner who values the health of your back

Dog tables used for grooming come in three basic designs – each of which allow you to adapt the height to your pet grooming needs.

Tables can be purchased as electrical tables with accordion bases, hydraulic tables, or tables with an air-lift design.


How to Make a Choice: Reviewing the 3 Basic Designs

What you select from the dog grooming tables, your purchase decision will be based on how often you use the table, its range of adjustments, and its overall design.


1. An Electric Table

Many groomers like the electric tables, as they can adapt them so they sit close the the floor or at a higher height.

Therefore, you can move them down close to the floor so the pet can access them easily and raise them to a height that is ergonomically-friendly.


2. The Hydraulic Table

If you prefer to use a non-electric table, a hydraulic table is a good choice. This table uses a pump hat contains gas to lift the tabletop or lower it. You operate the pump by pushing a lever with your foots. This type of table is priced mid-range and is often a good choice for professional groomers or dog breeders.


3. The Air-Lift Table Design

If you’re a groomer who is just beginning in the business, you might consider an air-lift table design. You can also use this table as an additional table if you own a busy salon.

While grooming table is similar to the hydraulic version in design, it is a lighter weight, and uses pumped air to raise and lower the tabletop.

Air-lift grooming tables often feature a one-button start and are easily adjusted with a foot pedal.


Tabletop Designs and Other Features

Tabletops may be round or rectangular in design, with most tables featuring a more square-looking style. Tables come with adjustable hooks for pet grooming tools as well.

When choosing a table, consider how much weight it will hold, and look at the materials that make up the table’s frame and base. Most bases are made with a powder coated steel while tables often are designed with a reinforced steel.


Making the Best Selection

If you want to make the best selection, think about how you’ll be using the table, where it will be used, and how it will accommodate your grooming needs. Make these determinations first before settling on a price.

If you’re buying items for a puppy, you may want to add a table to the pet treat dispensers, soft grooming brushes, and other bath time essentials you’re buying.




  1. Why is an ergonomic design important in a dog grooming table?

    An ergonomic design is important because it supports the health and safety of both the groomer and the dog. It allows for comfortable positioning and reduces the risk of strain or injury.
  2. What features should I look for in an ergonomic dog grooming table?

    Look for features such as adjustable height, non-slip surfaces, a sturdy base, and a comfortable mat. You may also want to consider a table with an adjustable arm to secure the dog during grooming.
  3. How does an adjustable height feature help with ergonomics?

    Adjustable height allows the groomer to set the table at a comfortable height for their specific height and posture, reducing the risk of strain or injury.
  4. What is the importance of non-slip surfaces on a dog grooming table?

    Non-slip surfaces help to keep the dog stable and secure during grooming, reducing the risk of injury to the dog. It also allows the groomer to focus on the grooming process rather than worrying about the dog slipping or moving.
  5. How does a sturdy base help with ergonomics?

    A sturdy base provides stability to the table, which reduces the risk of it tipping over or wobbling during grooming. This stability allows the groomer to focus on the grooming process and maintain a comfortable posture.
  6. What is the benefit of a comfortable mat on a dog grooming table?

    A comfortable mat provides a cushioned surface for the dog to stand on, reducing the pressure on their joints and making the grooming process more comfortable for them. It also helps to reduce the risk of injury from slipping or falling.
  7. How does an adjustable arm help with ergonomics?

    An adjustable arm allows the groomer to secure the dog in a comfortable and safe position during grooming, reducing the risk of injury to both the dog and groomer. It also helps to keep the dog in place, making the grooming process more efficient.



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