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Sleepets Dog Tag Tracker Review: Like an Apple AirTag (no subscription) 

Last Updated on November 8, 2023 by Dogs Vets

Sleepets Dog Tag Tracker Review: Like an Apple AirTag (no subscription) 

In the heart-warming tale of pet safety, Sleepets AirPaw Tag emerges as the ultimate guardian angel for your beloved four-legged companions. The fear of losing a pet, especially in bustling cities or unfamiliar territories, can be utterly distressing.

Traditional GPS trackers have their flaws – high costs, limited battery life, and cumbersome designs.

Sleepets recognized these issues and introduced the innovative AirPaw Tag, seamlessly integrating Apple Find My technology with a smart dog tracker, setting a new standard in pet safety.

A Journey Inspired by Love

Apple Dog Tracker

The inception of Sleepets AirPaw Tag is rooted in a deeply personal experience. The founder’s dog, Loran, was prone to wandering. Traditional collars and GPS trackers proved

ineffective, either impeding his movements or quickly losing charge. This heartbreaking experience led to the creation of a solution that would revolutionize pet tracking.

Design Sleepets AirPaw

Sleepets AirPaw Tag boasts a robust construction, combining plastic and aluminum for durability. Even the most spirited pets can’t damage its internal components, ensuring uninterrupted tracking.

Waterproof and resilient, the tag remains functional even during your pet’s aquatic adventures. The inclusion of an eco-leather strap provides a secure attachment to any collar, guaranteeing the tag stays with your pet wherever they go.


dog tracker no subscription

What truly sets Sleepets AirPaw apart is its customization options. You can personalize the tag with vital information – your pet’s name, your contact details, allergies, and even adorable pictures.

Each tag comes with a unique QR code, allowing instant access to edit your pet’s details, creating an unbreakable bond between you and the tag.

Information about you and your pet in passport:

  • Provide the dog’s name.
  • Share your contact information including your name and how to reach you.
  • Specify any allergies and animal habits.
  • Include your address, phone number, and email.
  • Attach a photo of your pet.
  • Note down the breed and date of birth of your dog.
  • Mention the vaccination history.
  • Outline any existing diseases or health conditions.

Seamless Set Up

find my dog tracker

Unlike other trackers, Sleepets AirPaw operates seamlessly within the Apple ecosystem. No need for additional apps or subscriptions – simply connect it to your iPhone via the Find My network. Setup is intuitive, taking just minutes, making it accessible to every pet owner, regardless of tech proficiency.

How to start:

  1. Launch the Find My app on your iPhone;
  2. Navigate to the “Things” section;
  3. Create a new entry for “Non-Apple Tracker”;
  4. Allow some time for the device to be identified;
  5. Establish a connection and proceed with the setup;
  6. Personalize your Sleepets Tag tracker settings.

Limitless Online Pet Tracking

dog tracking online

Utilizing the Find My network without any subscription fees, Sleepets AirPaw offers extensive tracking coverage, especially in densely populated areas. Even in remote locations, it records the last known location, aiding in swift recovery.

The built-in speaker ensures audibility, and features like lost mode and information sharing enhance the chances of reuniting with your pet.

Battery Life

Concerned about charging? Sleepets AirPaw Tag alleviates this worry with its exceptional battery life, lasting up to a year. When the battery runs low, a simple replacement keeps the protection uninterrupted, ensuring your pet remains safeguarded. Like AirTag from Apple.

Choosing the Right Dog Tracker: Exploring Types and Subscription Options

When it comes to selecting a dog tracker, understanding the various options available in the market is crucial. Let’s delve into the different types of dog trackers and the distinctions between subscription-based and non-subscription models.

Types of Dog Trackers:

1. GPS Trackers: GPS trackers are remarkably effective in real-time tracking, making them a preferred choice for pet owners. However, they often come with hidden subscription costs that can surpass the device’s price itself. These trackers operate via a SIM card, similar to a mobile phone, incurring monthly network charges to enable live tracking. Despite the cost, GPS trackers provide unparalleled accuracy in locating your furry friend.

2. Bluetooth Trackers: Bluetooth trackers offer a cost-effective alternative to GPS-powered options. These tags do not require monthly service fees and are incredibly easy to set up with your smartphone or tablet. While they might not provide the same long-range tracking as GPS, they are ideal for locating your dog within a close range without additional expenses. 

Among Bluetooth trackers, the Sleepets AirPaw stands out as an excellent choice. Utilizing Apple’s Find My technology, this tracker offers the unique ability to locate your lost dog anywhere on the planet.

By tapping into Apple’s extensive device network, Sleepets AirPaw ensures seamless global tracking, providing pet owners with unparalleled peace of mind. In addition to its international reach, this tracker is budget-friendly, eliminating the need for monthly service fees while delivering efficient and accurate location tracking for your beloved canine companion.

3. Radio Frequency Trackers: Radio frequency trackers, although more expensive, serve specific purposes. They are commonly used by hunters and owners of highly-trained gundogs. These trackers are excellent for dogs that stay nearby but might be obscured by dense foliage or hedgerows. While they lack the long-distance tracking capabilities of GPS, they are invaluable for hunters and those needing precise location data in close proximity.

Subscription-Based vs. Non-Subscription Pet Trackers:

The primary distinction between subscription-based and non-subscription dog trackers lies in the use of GPS technology.

GPS-enabled trackers provide highly accurate real-time tracking, making them indispensable for pet owners concerned about their dog’s safety. Subscription-based models often offer additional features such as escape alerts, beeping, or vibrational alerts, enhancing the overall monitoring experience.

When choosing a dog tracker, consider your specific requirements and budget constraints. GPS trackers provide unmatched accuracy but may come with ongoing subscription costs.

Bluetooth trackers offer a balance between cost and effectiveness for close-range tracking. Radio frequency trackers cater to specific needs, making them ideal for hunters and owners of hunting dogs.

Ultimately, the right tracker depends on your dog’s habits, your location, and your budget. Make an informed decision to ensure your peace of mind while keeping your beloved pet safe and secure.


dog tag qr code and tracking

In the grand tapestry of pet safety, Sleepets AirPaw Tag stitches together the threads of technology, love, and innovation. It’s not merely a tracker; it’s a guardian angel, a silent protector, and a steadfast companion.

Every wag of the tail, every purr, and every boundless affection shared is safeguarded by this remarkable device.

Sleepets AirPaw Tag isn’t just an accessory; it’s a testament to the unbreakable bond between humans and their cherished pets, ensuring that no matter where your pet roams, they are always within the circle of your love and protection.

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