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10 Things to Know Before Getting Some Chihuahuas

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10 Things to Know Before Getting Some Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas, known for their small size and big personality, are popular toy breeds often seen snuggled up or carried around in purses.

However, before deciding to get a chihuahua, there are important factors to consider. This guide aims to provide you with valuable information to make an informed decision about adding a chihuahua to your family.

1. Chihuahuas: Compact but Personality-packed

Despite their small stature, chihuahuas possess a vibrant personality. They are known for their tenacity and unwavering loyalty to their owners.

While this can be endearing, it may also present training and socialization challenges. Early socialization and proper training are crucial to mitigate potential behavioral issues.

2. Attention Seekers: Demanding your Time

Chihuahuas thrive on human interaction and require ample attention from their owners. When left alone for extended periods, they can experience anxiety or depression. If you have a busy schedule or work long hours, a chihuahua may not be the ideal choice for you.

3. High Maintenance Companions

Despite their small size, chihuahuas can be high-maintenance regarding their care needs. Regular grooming is necessary to maintain their coat and prevent matting.

Special attention to dental care is required to prevent tooth decay. Additionally, chihuahuas may be susceptible to health issues like hypoglycemia and patellar luxation, so it’s essential to be proactive in their healthcare.

4. Potential Separation Anxiety

Due to their strong bond with humans, chihuahuas can develop separation anxiety if left alone for prolonged periods. When necessary, provide them with stimulating toys and a comfortable environment to help alleviate their anxiety.

5. Compatibility Concerns with Other Pets

Chihuahuas are known to have a feisty nature, which may cause conflicts with other pets in the household. This factor should be considered if you have multiple pets or plan on introducing new pets in the future.

Early socialization and careful monitoring of their interactions with other animals are paramount.

6. Chihuahuas and Cold Temperatures

Due to their small size and thin coat, chihuahuas can be sensitive to cold temperatures. It’s crucial to provide them with adequate shelter and clothing during colder months, while also limiting their time outdoors in chilly weather.

7. Chihuahuas: Ideal Apartment Dogs

Chihuahuas are excellent apartment dogs due to their small size and low exercise requirements. They can thrive in small spaces and are easily portable if you need to relocate.

8. Chihuahuas and Children

Chihuahuas may not be the best choice for families with young children. Their small size and feisty nature can lead them to feel threatened and display aggression. Supervision, training, and socialization are essential when children and chihuahuas interact.

9. Chihuahuas: Long Lifespan

Chihuahuas have an impressive life expectancy, with some living up to 20 years. Owning a chihuahua requires a long-term commitment and responsible care throughout their entire life.

10. Training Chihuahuas: Patience is Key

Chihuahuas can be trained, but it often demands patience and persistence. Their stubborn nature may prolong the training process. However, with proper training and socialization, chihuahuas can become wonderful companion pets.

Train Your Chihuahua Right with Basic Obedience Commands

Chihuahuas are one of the smallest dog breeds in the world, but their size does not compromise their temperament. They are known to be intelligent and energetic little dogs that can be trained to obey basic commands.

A well-trained Chihuahua can quickly learn obedience, making them safe, well-behaved, and a joy to be around.

Whether you have a new puppy or an adult Chihuahua, this blog will cover the basic obedience commands that you can teach your furry friend, and guide you through the steps of training your Chihuahua right.

Sit Command

The “Sit” command is one of the easiest commands to teach to your Chihuahua, and it is the foundation for further training. Hold a treat above your dog’s head, and then move your hand backwards, making your dog follow it.

Your dog will do this until they’re in a sitting position, at which point you should say ‘Sit’ and reward them with the treat. Consistency is key since your dog will have to learn the verbal command to sit independently of the hand signal.

Stay Command

The “Stay” command demands concentration and self-control. Once you’ve given the “Sit” command to your Chihuahua, say “Stay” and then step a few steps away from your furry friend. With a treat in your hand, encourage your Chihuahua to remain in a sitting position until you return.

If your dog moves, start again. Reward them with the treat only when they remain in position for a longer duration.

Come Command

The “Come” command is an essential command if you ever wish to call your Chihuahua back to you, especially during off-leash playtime or in a public space.

Say “Come” while backing away from your pet, then when your dog runs to you, instantly and happily offer a treat. It’s crucial to associate good things with the “Come” command since that encourages them to come to you next time you call.

Down Command

The “Down” command means that your Chihuahua should lie down on his belly, both his front and back legs extended straight behind him.

Start by putting your training treat on the ground in front of you and then using your hand to guide your Chihuahua into a down position, then saying “Down”. Practice the down command with the sit command.

Leave it Command

The last command we will work on is the “Leave it” command. You don’t want your Chihuahua chewing or grabbing anything that could be harmful to them or you.

Put your hand-held treat treats in your palm, your hand curled into a fist, then say “Leave it” but don’t allow your dog to eat the treat initially. Wait until your Chihuahua stops trying to get your hand and then reward them with the treat.

Teaching basic obedience commands to your Chihuahua can be both fun and rewarding, but it requires patience, consistency, repetition, and positive reinforcement.

Remember to keep the rewards healthy, keep fresh water available at all times, stay calm, and have fun during the training process.

By incorporating these essential commands into your Chihuahua’s training, you’ll be well on your way to having a safe, well-behaved, and happy furry companion.

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