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The Ultimate Travel Gift Guide For Dog Lovers

Last Updated on August 29, 2021 by Dogs Vets

The Ultimate Travel Gift Guide For Dog Lovers


There is no ‘best time’ when it comes to making your loved ones happy. Small gestures from your side might be something very big for them. It may light up their days in the most cherishing manner.

Especially, when this special human owns a pet! Owning a pet is no piece of cake.

It requires a lot of attention, maintenance, and care. Probably as much as a human baby requires! Did you know that dogs also need frequent vacations just like humans need? To rejuvenate themselves.

Pet owners do a commendable task by managing their daily chores along with nurturing their fur baby with frequent walks, runs, treats, training, grooming sessions, etc.

You literally should honor them once in a while for carrying out this task so well without any complaints.

Your friend and his dog share a bond that lies deeper than any bonds! Why not get something artsy for them which doesn’t lose its value with time or any other factors? Just like digital pet portraits.

Every day, when your friend comes home, their cute pet brings an instant smile to their face with a tail wag, cuddles, and pure excitement. They make their love for absolutely anyone around them known.

Nothing makes a person feel more connected and gets them emotional as a personalized gift, especially in the case of animal lovers. They will make sure that this stays with them for long.

When it comes to gifting, it has been a very traditional way of conveying our sincere thanks and love. Finding the best gift for dog lovers who also love to travel could be a serious task and we are here to help you.

These dog owners deserve a unique piece for that matter. You should consider yourself as a blessed person because selecting and gifting a gift takes loads of time and effort if you are unaware of the liking of your pals.

This daunting task is now easily converted into the one which is going to kick off their day with loads of happiness. Now, are you a last-minute shopper who is clueless about what to give which stands as something classy and distinct?

What would suit your pal and his pet the best? Don’t worry, you can stop scrolling over the internet now!

Here is an ultimate travel gift guide for dog lovers, right from toys to strollers, here is everything that can make their pooch “woof in wonders”!


1. Dog Sweatshirt: This is for those adventurous dog-owner duos who love exploring places and are crazy about mountains and winters.

Get them a matching dog sweatshirt with paw prints or any cool animal print which fits them perfectly fine and gives them a very cozy feeling. You can get dog portraits done by Pawstro, and get them printed on the desired fabrics. Let them do a twinning with some pride!

word image

2. Dog Socks: There are cases where dogs catch allergies and then end up scratching themselves to the core! This will help in covering their little paws and that’s how they turn up as the savior here. They won’t chew their paws or bite on a healing area frequently now.

word image 1


3. Dog Face Masks: After the outburst of the covid pandemic, we realized how masks are the most necessary safety tool and also the most seen accessory! You can surprise your friend by giving them a customized dog face mask that has digital dog portraits drawn on them.

These prints will not fade away or get spoilt as time passes by. In-house artists of Pawstro will make sure that all the details are stroked off precisely.

word image 2

4. Dog print sheets: A comforting staycation asks for some super cute sheets! If your friend is planning for a vacation, you can gift them dog print sheets to maintain their obsession with their dog.

The tiredness that they would get after returning from a trek, or a tiring shopping day, will go away for a few minutes after looking at these cute prints.
word image 3

5. Funky Dog-print Pyjamas: Getting into those cozy pajamas after having an adventurous trip is the best feeling ever! Isn’t it? You really can’t wait to get into your pajamas for that much-deserved sound sleep.

So, to make it look a little funkier, you can gift them a pair of dog-printed pajamas.
Dog-print Pyjamas


6. Animal Facts Book: While traveling, there’s a lot of time to be killed at times. Especially if you are taking a long journey. Some good reading is all you need to brighten up your voyage ahead.

The apt gift for a book enthusiast and a pet lover would be this! This will be a great combo for them. They will get to know some interesting and never heard before facts from this book. Not only for dogs but almost every pet animal!

7. A Dog stroller: Some injured or old dogs find it difficult to get into the cars. But, nothing can stop them to enter and exit open places now.

You can gift a dog stroller to such pet parents. The pet can be easily loaded here and can enjoy the fresh breeze without any barriers!

8. Heated Pet Bed: If your friend has a little puppy and they are taking them along for a trip, then this can be the perfect gift.

A heated pet bed is going to make their puppy feel super warm and they will sleep very peacefully without any mid-sleep breaks. This will lead them to healthy growth and overall well-being.

9. Dog Water Bottle: These are something very exclusive, you can take these along for dual purposes.

To quench your friend’s thirst and their doggo’s very conveniently. Such bottles can easily turn into their desired height. These are leakproof and will keep your friend’s dog super hydrated.

word image 5

With these cute, thoughtful, and unique gifts, show them how much you care about and love their pet. It’s time for you to give a close and captured memory to your pet parent friend, something which they can take along even while traveling, as the reminder of a purrfect friend being there with them always, even when they are not.


Author Name: Vipul Pandit

Author Bio: Vipul Pandit, the co-founder of Pawstro has experience of 15+ years in oil paintings. Pawstro does pet portraits for proud pet parents.

Author Image:

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