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Understanding Kennel Cough: Causes and Cures

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Understanding Kennel Cough: Causes and Cures


What is Kennel Cough?

Kennel cough, officially known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis, is a highly contagious respiratory disease that dogs can contract. It’s similar to a common cold in humans, causing symptoms like a harsh, dry cough and runny nose.

Symptoms of Kennel Cough

Kennel cough reveals its presence through a distinct and vigorous cough, reminiscent of a persistent hack, which may give the impression that your canine companion is grappling with an obstruction lodged in their throat.

Alongside this prominent symptom, additional indications may manifest, such as bouts of sneezing, a runny nasal passage, and a noticeable decline in appetite.

Acute vs. Chronic Kennel Cough

Kennel cough can either be acute or chronic. The acute form usually resolves within a few weeks, while the chronic form may persist, especially in older dogs or those with underlying health conditions.

Causes of Kennel Cough

Bacterial Causes

Bordetella bronchiseptica is the most common bacterium causing kennel cough. It’s highly contagious and can be easily spread through the air or direct contact with an infected dog.

Viral Causes

Kennel cough can stem from diverse canine viruses, including the canine parainfluenza virus and canine adenovirus.

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How to Diagnose Kennel Cough

A veterinarian can typically diagnose kennel cough based on a dog’s symptoms and a physical examination. Further diagnostic tests may be performed if the cough is severe or chronic.

How to Diagnose Kennel Cough

How Can I Treat Kennel Cough?

Home Remedies

For mild instances of kennel cough, home management can prove effective by ensuring your dog gets ample rest, stays hydrated, and receives appropriate nutrition. Additionally, there are herbal supplements accessible that can aid in bolstering your dog’s immune system.

Vetflix Herbal Supplement for Dogs and Cats

For example, the Vetflix Herbal Supplement is a natural product designed to support your pet’s respiratory health.

Professional Treatment

In severe cases, your vet may prescribe antibiotics to combat the bacterial infection or cough suppressants to ease symptoms.

Prevention of Kennel Cough


Vaccinations against the most common causes of kennel cough can significantly reduce the risk. However, they may not prevent all cases as there are many different causes of kennel cough.

Lifestyle Changes

In the quest to stave off the dreaded kennel cough, a triumvirate of elements are of vital importance.

First, think of your hound’s abode as a pristine sanctuary, a place where each molecule of grime is an unwelcome intruder.

Second, it’s akin to walking a tightrope: the delicate task of balancing your canine companion’s stress levels and ensuring tranquility reigns supreme.

Lastly, consider those bustling, dog-filled spaces – teeming with potential health hazards – a veritable no-man’s land. Avoidance here is key, for in such places lurk invisible threats that could assault your dog’s respiratory system.


Delving into the mysteries of kennel cough – its genesis, telltale signs, and panaceas – stands as an essential undertaking for every steward of a canine heart.

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The malady, while often not a harbinger of mortality, has a sly potential to spiral into grave complexities if left unchecked. This potential is especially pronounced in the vibrant youth of puppyhood, the dignified twilight years of older dogs, and those fur-clad companions already grappling with other health specters.

In the grand tapestry of pet ownership, vigilance and knowledge are the threads that could weave a healthier, happier life for your four-legged friend.

By implementing preventive measures such as vaccination and maintaining proper hygiene for your pet, alongside timely treatment, you can safeguard your beloved companion from this prevalent yet distressing condition.




Is kennel cough contagious to humans?

The realm of kennel cough is dominated by an infectious spirit, readily passing from one dog to another in a canine symphony of contagion. Yet, for us humans, this malady is typically a distant echo, a specter we observe but rarely engage.

There’s a notable caveat, however – those among us whose biological fortresses have been weakened, be it by the march of years or a compromised immune system.

These individuals stand on the threshold of a slight, yet nonetheless real, risk. Their dance with kennel cough, while unlikely, is not entirely beyond the realm of possibility.


How long does kennel cough last?

The trajectory of kennel cough, like a solitary leaf adrift on the wind, tends to find respite within the span of a fortnight. The majority of our canine companions emerge from this storm, their spirits undimmed, in roughly one to two weeks.

Yet, this timeline is as much a creature of circumstance as the dogs themselves. Factors such as the health canvas of the dog in question, and the cryptic origins of the cough, can add unexpected detours to this journey.

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The voyage through kennel cough is a testament to the dog’s resilience and the complexities of the ailment itself.


Can kennel cough recur?

Indeed, the specter of kennel cough can return to haunt our beloved canines, especially if they find themselves often navigating through territories rife with risk, such as the bustling microcosms of kennels or the jovial chaos of dog parks.


Is there a vaccine for kennel cough?

Vaccines, designed to combat the most prevalent culprits behind kennel cough, stand ready in our armory. Yet, as every dog is a unique tapestry of traits and needs, it is wise to seek the counsel of your trusted veterinarian.

They hold the key to discerning the most suitable vaccination strategy for your four-legged companion, crafting a bastion of health tailored specifically to their needs.


Can I use the Vetflix Herbal Supplement for other pets?

Yes, the Vetflix Herbal Supplement is suitable for both dogs and cats. Nonetheless, it is always recommended to consult with your veterinarian before initiating any new supplement regimen for your pets.

For more detailed information about the causes and treatments of kennel cough, visit Pets Blog and Vetflix.


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