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Want To Rescue A Golden Retriever in New York? Here’s how!

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Want To Rescue A Golden Retriever in New York? 

Whilst there are many wonderful little golden retriever pups being created by breeders, there are also literally hundreds of thousands across the country in need of adoption.

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More facts:

  • Golden retrievers are very popular pets, which results in many unethical breeders creating too many puppies.
  • Many people naively buy a beautiful little puppy, only to lose interest once they become large dogs that require lots of attention and care.
  • Many good pet owners end up having to give up their beloved pets due to moving abroad, moving to a rental that doesn’t allow pets, or family allergy outbreaks etc.
  • Sadly, many loving pet owners die and leave their pets with no-one else to care for them.

These are some of the reasons that beautiful golden retrievers wind up in rescue centers, eagerly awaiting a loving new home.


What to consider when adopting a Golden Retriever

When adopting a Golden Retriever from a shelter, it may be that they have been abandoned or otherwise inadequately cared for in the past, so, whilst Goldens are very intelligent and tend to adapt well, it’s important to prepare yourself to be a little patient with them as they settle into the transition.

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The rescue center staff will want to ensure that you are well prepared for taking on a larger dog to make sure that they don’t have to suffer any neglect a second time around.

They also work tirelessly to ensure that the right dog is matched to the right household/family so that they compliment your lifestyle instead of disrupt it.


Can they be left alone?

Golden Retrievers are very social and intelligent dogs, so they don’t like to be left alone for too long, and can get themselves into mischief if left with nothing to do and no-one to do it with for hours on end. A maximum of eight hours alone per day is the recommended general rule for the breed.


Do they need a companion dog?

Whilst they are a very sociable breed that will get along well with other animals including dogs and cats, so long as they are not left alone for extended periods of time, they do not need another dog for a companion to be happy.


Where to rescue a Golden Retriever in New York

Whether you are considering fostering or adopting, there are several excellent Golden Retriever rescue centers in New York state for you to choose from. These include:


Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue

This registered dog rescue group is located in Port Washington, NY, and has been rescuing Golden Retrievers for 15 years. They take in dogs from a variety of backgrounds, some of which have been well-cared for pets and others who have experienced neglect or abuse.

This rescue center also focuses largely on long-distance adoptions, so consider this when choosing the right center for your preferences.


Golden Retriever Rescue Operated With Love Statewide (GRROWLS-NY)

Located in Syracuse, NY, this center provides a fairly straightforward process of adoption. After filling out an application form, a representative will visit your home to better understand your home environment and lifestyle to ensure the best match.

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It’s also worth noting that this center does not provide pictures of available dogs as it insists that matching be focused on factors other than the dog’s physical appearance.


New York State Retriever Rescue

This rescue is in Bayport, NY, will also arrange for a home visit once your application has been lodged. Like all other non-profit rescues, this center has set fees for adoption. These include:

  • For dogs aged eight years and over, the adoption fee is $250
  • For dogs younger than eight years old, the adoption fee is $450
  • For puppies up to one year old, the adoption fee is $525

Tips for settling your Golden Retriever rescue pup in at home

Golden Retrievers are particularly intelligent pups and should have little-to-no trouble adapting, so long as you do a few key things right:

  • Like children, dogs thrive on routine, so create a schedule for them around getting outside for some regular exercise and eating times straight away, so they know what to expect.

  • Reward them for correct behavior with treats or playtime. Don’t punish or yell, as this can create negative reactions that make the situation worse.

  • Make sure everyone in the home is using the same commands and rules for the pup from the get-go, to avoid confusing them and stalling their settling in.

  • Take time when introducing them to any other animals in the home, keeping them apart for several days whilst allowing them to pick up on each other’s scent. Then, introduce them and supervise them until they seem comfortable together.

  • If your rescue pup seems anxious when you leave the house, try to make it less traumatic by making as little fuss as possible when you leave. You can also train them to be more accepting of it by leaving for just a few minutes at a time to start and gradually increase the amount of time that you are gone.
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5 important  things you need to know about rescuing a Golden Retriever in New York:


  1. Rescue Organizations: There are numerous rescue organizations specific to Golden Retrievers in New York, such as the Golden Retriever Rescue of Central New York and Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue. These groups focus on rescuing, fostering, and finding new homes for Golden Retrievers.
  2. Adoption Process: The process usually involves an application, a home visit, and a matching process to ensure that the dog is a good fit for your lifestyle. It may also involve an adoption fee which goes towards covering some of the costs of caring for the animals.
  3. Dog’s Background: Many rescued Golden Retrievers have been surrendered by previous owners, rescued from abusive situations, or taken in as strays. They may require additional socialization or training.
  4. Health and Age: Rescued Golden Retrievers may range in age and health status. Some may have health conditions requiring ongoing treatment. It’s crucial to be prepared for the potential long-term care responsibilities.
  5. Post-Adoption Support: Many rescue organizations offer post-adoption support. This can include advice on training and socialization, as well as resources for managing any health issues. They are dedicated to ensuring the successful placement of the dogs in their care.


Final thoughts

Adopting a pet is an admirable and highly rewarding experience, but it must be met with the long-term commitment and patience required to ensure that they have found their forever home. 

Depending on your location, contact the appropriate rescue center and find out about their particular processes and fees, and chat with a friendly and helpful staff member to discover if rescuing a Golden Retriever is the right decision for you and for them!



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