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7 Facts You Should Know about the Silver Labrador

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7 Facts You Should Know about the Silver Labrador

The Silver Labradors are a beautiful addition to any family. They have a gorgeous silver coat with a black nose and eye patches.

You can tell them apart from other labs by their unique color! However, there is much more to the Silver Labs than just their shiny coats.

These dogs also have a very low shedding rate, so if you don’t like too much fur around your house, then this could be the perfect dog for you.

The most common reason for getting a lab is for hunting or fieldwork; however, the silver Lab was not created specifically for this purpose.

Their average lifespan ranges from 10-12 years, which is longer than your typical chocolate/black lab.

The cost of owning one of these pups? $1000-$1600 (which includes food and vet bills!).

And lastly, these pups are easy to train because they are eager to please and learn quickly; due to their intelligence level-so, they will make great friends for years.

Read on for some interesting facts about these beautiful animals!


Silver Labs Come From A Diluted Gene

The Silver Lab is a fun and friendly pet that’s perfect for active homes. What makes them extra special?

The dilute gene turns their chocolate fur into an attractive silver coat of hair – but not everyone agrees on how much controversy surrounds this desirable trait.

Bestselling author Pippa Mattinson has written “A Dog Called dispersed” investigating what happens when you take two very different breeds like Labs (one who loves playing games) and another breed such as Protector Spaniels.

She delves deep down to facts about each dog-breed combination so we can make better-informed decisions whether these types would suit our lifestyle best.


One Of The Oldest Family Dogs

Silver Labradors originated from England in the early 1800s. In 1917 Silver Labs were first recorded as a distinct color Labrador. At that time, most retrievers were black or yellow, with only a few blacks and greys thrown into the mix.

Silver seemed to be a rarer color than it is today, so silver labrador stood out among other colors at that time.

Silver labs started becoming famous more than 100 years ago and caught on more than 50 years later in America after some writers saw them and published their observations and claims about Silver Labs being common in some parts of Britain.

Silver Labs soon became popular around the world as people all over began to see Silver Labradors more often.


Do They Contain Weimaraner Genes?

No, there is no strong evidence that proves Weimaraner in the blood of silver labrador.

There are theories that the dilute D gene may have originated in German Wirehaired Pointers or Weimaraners, which might have been introduced to produce darker coats in Labradors.

However, DNA testing has proven this theory incorrect since both breeds carry dominant or common alleles for black pigment instead of the dilute allele responsible for silver/gray coloration.


Are They Pure Breed?

Labrador retrievers are frequently seen in chocolate, black and golden yellow colors. Labradors have also existed as silver Labradors for many years now, but they still remain unrecognized by major kennel clubs across the globe.

Silver Labrador Retriever is not recognized as a pure breed by any kennel club.

There are claims that the Silver Lab breeders are trying to separate themselves from other Labrador breeders, but this is incorrect; there is nothing different about Silver Labs except for their color!

The American Kennel Club (AKC) treats the silver Lab like any cream-colored Lab, registering them in their Foundation Stock Service but not accepting them for registration or competition.

UK Kennel Club registers the black, chocolate, liver, and yellow in their Purebred register but doesn’t allow for registration of silver puppies.

The Silver Labrador Retriever is not recognized on Pure Breed standards on the United Kennel Club website. The color of this breed is Non-Breed Standard.

So you cannot register your puppy until its color switches to black/chocolate/liver/yellow at around three years old.

The British Association for International and Comparative Education (BAICE) does not recognize silver Labradors as a Pure Breed.


Silver Labs History & Origins

The silver Labradors are one of the most popular breeds in America. They first appeared here over 50 years ago, and their popularity continues to grow with each passing day!

The first silver Labradors in the United States were bred by a kennel called “Culo Silver Labs.”


Silver Labs Has The Same Health Issues As Other Labs

Silver Labs have the same health issues as other purebred Labs. Including joint problems and over-eating.

Two studies of Labrador lifespan show they live between 11 and 12 years old. They also have a higher rate of cancer (at 31% of all deaths) than some other breeds, but on balance, Labradors are healthy dogs with few disabilities.

There is one potential health issue (associated with coat color) you need to be aware of: dilution genes for the coat color where there is less pigment in the hair, making it hard to see if there’s dirt on it.


Money Making Dog For The Breeders

The silver Labrador retriever coat color is caused by a recessive gene and is not as common as the other colors. For this reason, silver labs may cost more than black or chocolate Labradors.

Some breeders may be more interested in making money than breeding healthy dogs, so do your research before buying a silver lab puppy. However, many responsible and reputable breeders are concerned about the health and longevity of their dogs.

By choosing a healthy silver Lab puppy from a reputable breeder, you can help ensure that this beloved breed remains healthy and continues to bring joy into people’s lives for many years to come.



If you are looking for an excellent companion and family pet, the Silver Lab might be your best choice. These beautiful dogs have a low shedding rate, so if you don’t want too much fur around your house, then this could be the perfect pup for you!

The most common reason people get labs is that they were bred specifically for hunting or fieldwork, but it turns out that these pups can make great companions as well.

The average lifespan of a silver lab ranges from 10-12 years, which means there will still be plenty of time to enjoy all their wonderful qualities before they pass on. What do you think? Would Silver Labradors fit in with your lifestyle?


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