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5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy And Calm This Summer

Last Updated on June 11, 2021 by Dogs Vets

5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy And Calm This Summer


Summer is a great time for dog owners as you can spend more time outdoors and bond with the pet on outings. You can take it for long walks, enjoy weekends on the beach, and even plan a vacation with your furry friend. But the sweltering heat often takes a toll on canine health and mood. You can still make the best of the season by taking some simple measures to keep your dog happy and calm. Let us explain the ones you must embrace this summer to enjoy the company of your four-legged companion.


Groom it for the season

While grooming should be a part of your regular pet-care schedule, you need to be extra conscious when temperatures soar. Removing shed fur is important because it can prevent the air from reaching the animal’s skin of left in place. It can make the dog hot and uncomfortable, which is the last thing you want the pet to deal with. Visit the groomer regularly and get the right cut according to the fur type of the dog.


Plan dog walks according to temperature

Even as you need not worry about snow and freezing temperature during the summer months, avoid taking the dog out for random walks. Plan them according to the outdoor temperatures. Early morning and late evening are ideal because temperatures are optimal. Choose a grassy area for the walk and avoid asphalt and pavement. Walking on these surfaces can cause blisters on the animal’s paw pads.


Give it regular treats

The hot weather can make the canine more anxious and aggressive than it usually is. Giving it regular treats will keep the pet in a happy frame of mind. Try bully sticks because they are high in protein and do not have additives and preservatives. It is great for keeping the dog occupied during long afternoons. Chewing on them also helps with teeth cleaning. Frozen pumpkin and banana also make a healthy treat for your pet.


Buy a kiddie pool

Dogs enjoy water activities during the warmer months, so make sure that your pet doesn’t miss out. Since the pandemic is around, you may prefer to stay at home rather than take it to a beach. Investing in a kiddie pool is a good idea as you can create a perfect place for your pet to chill right in your backyard. Pick one big enough to accommodate the pet comfortably and keep it in a happy space.


Consider a training class

Summer is a good time to give your canine companion a manners refresher or teach it some additional skills. You can enroll it in a professional training class where it can learn and socialize with other dogs. The activity will also keep separation anxiety at bay as the dog will spend a happy time without you. Make sure you choose a facility with air-conditioned classrooms where the animal feels easy.

Keeping your dog happy and comfortable during summer isn’t a lot of work. Feed well, keep it hydrated, and give it some extra love and care. Your canine will have the best summer ever!



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