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Ways to Show Love to Your Dog – 8 Tips you need to know

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Ways to Show Love to Your Dog

Dogs are loyal companions that kill boredom and bring joyful moments in peoples’ lives. Needless to say, dogs also provide security.

As a dog owner, it should be your aim to look for ways to enhance the joy and happiness of your dog.

Besides nice food, the most gratifying thing you can give to the dog is love. Like human beings, dogs cherish the close emotional bond which gives them a sense of belonging. There are various ways to show love to your dog.

Some of these ways like playing on a dog mat should be a routine while others should come as a surprise to amuse your dog.

Ear Rub

Ear rub is a simple love manifestation that yields a euphoric feeling on the dog making it to be emotionally connected to its owner. It is like tickling a loved one and making them smile. With continued ear rub, and playing on funny fuzzy, the dog becomes attached to you emotionally.

The spot behind the ear is the connection point for a group of nerves that sends multiple impulses to the brain. When generally scratched, it delivers a relaxation feeling and puts away all the emotional and physical exhaustion or stress that the dog could be having.

Have a Daily Playtime with Your Dog

If you are the introverted type of person, rearing dogs may not be the wisest thing to do. Dogs are fun enthusiasts who like to immerse themselves in joyful activities that make them active and enjoy.

Spare some moments during the day so that you can play with your dog. Half an hour is enough to unwind all the great moments with your dog. If you are near the beach, you can be going there so that you get sufficient time and ample space to play.

Teach Them New Tricks

Dogs love being adventurous when learning skills. You may notice that after several months or weeks of doing the same thing over and over, your dog’s interest in the activity may reduce.

As a dog, you need to learn new tricks to teach your dog. By doing so, you make the dog develop the zeal to play and bond with you while at the same time improving its physic and competence.

To get new ticks, you can look for videos online or get an idea from some of the dog experts who know what dogs like most.

Comverse with Your Dog

Dogs cannot verbally converse in a coherent speech but they can communicate via sign language. Take time to teach your dog how to communicate as a way of expressing love to it.

Teach your dog how to ask for some things and also teach your dog how to do some things for you.

By doing this, you make your dog more fruitful and more of a companion and a helper than just a pet in the house. Dogs can learn beyond human expectations so don’t put limits on your pet. Always spare some time and teach your dog the basic things that you would like to do.

Take Time to Cuddle with Your Dog

Dogs like to be kept close where they can feel the love of their owner. As a dog keeper, take your time cuddling with your dog so that it gets used to you. cuddling makes the dogs feel like children and develop a profound trust towards you.

If you keep a dog away from you and tend to be busy always, the dog will not be physically and emotionally close to you. Always make sure you create time, treat it like a baby, and enjoy the best bond.

Hangout Together

Taking a walk with your dog is very fulfilling, especially on good weather days. Take your dog to the beach where you two can have a thrilling moment with your dog so that you enjoy a one-on-one tour. Your dog will get amused with the new environment, get time to rejuvenate, and have a wonderful moment.

Always make sure you go to nice places where you can have the best moments with your dog. You will have an outstanding bond where your dog will be proud to have you as the owner. This is the best way to make the dog healthy and happy.

Surprise Your Dog

Once in a while, make sure to surprise your dog with the best meals or outings. Best dog meals can be planned by meal experts who understand the best dog recipes and can prepare a special meal for the dog. This will rekindle the love between you two and enjoy maximum companionship.

Take your dog to some of the best animal tour sites where it can have a fulfilling moment and get time to rejuvenate. Get some ideas on how to surprise your dog so that you make the surprise one of a kind. Surprises are not daily; you can do them monthly or after weeks.

Invite Other Dogs

Dogs also love to hang out with friends like the way human beings also want to hang out with friends. This way, you will make the dog understand others and how they behave.

You will also interact with other dog owners to make you learn a thing or two about dogs so that you know how to treat your dog best.

There is more to learn from dogs and enjoy seeing them sharing skills as they interact with one another. When you invite other dogs, make sure you only invite the ones that are healthy and of the same size as your dog to avoid any injuries.


These are the ways to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Make sure you have the best ones on your list so that you make them a routine. You can spare some surprises so you can make special moments with your dog.

Make time to socialize, cuddle and play with your dog because that is the only way to ensure you have a perfect moment with your dog. Dogs should not be treated as mere animals, they need to be treated like children and friends.


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