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Why Pet Insurance Is Highly Recommended for Pet Owners

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A Veterinarian’s Perspective Why Pet Insurance Is Highly Recommended for Pet Owners


Pets offer people many benefits including emotional support, honest companionship and lots of love.

In return, pet owners should provide their furry friends with a safe environment and proper care in order to help them live a happy, long and healthy life.

Unfortunately, there may be a time when your four-legged mate gets accidentally injured or suffers from a severe health condition and requires immediate medical attention.

Given the cost of medical bills, it is worth it that you give pet insurance a second thought.

This way you will be able to provide your companion with proper care and treatment as well as help them get through such a difficult time in their life with less stress.

You can start by creating a decision tree for pet insurance in the form of a chart in which you will analyze the basics of pet coverage plans and the benefits you and your pet could get from them.

It is also worth mentioning that there is an alternative to pet insurance plans which is a discount service program. This program is ideal for senior pets. If you want to learn more about it, read this Pet Assure Review.

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To help you along the way, this post elaborates the key elements of pet insurance, its cost and overall advantages from a veterinarian’s point of view.

Photo by Louis-Philippe Poitras from Unsplash
Photo by Louis-Philippe Poitras from Unsplash

You can choose the most suitable coverage plan for your pet

One of the greatest things about pet insurance is that you have the option of choosing an insurance coverage plan that best suits your pet’s needs.

Most companies offer the three main insurance plans and these are wellness plans, accident-only and accident-illness plans.


Here is a brief explanation of each.


Wellness plan is the most basic type of insurance plan that covers everything associated with routine care such as general examinations and preventive care tests.

It is most useful for new pet parents who want to make sure that their pup or kitten are progressing well.

Accident coverage plan covers any treatments associated with a physical injury in your pet including certain examinations. CT scans, X-rays, blood tests and even surgery are some of the most prominent examinations.

Accident and illness plan covers treatments for both physical injuries in your pet as well as any infections, cancers and other non-genetic illnesses they may be suffering from. This type of insurance plan is most suited for older pets.

If you want the full package, you can always choose to add the wellness plan to either of the other two insurance plans.  


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Obtaining pet insurance is cost-effective

When it comes to the cost of pet insurance, you will have to pay a monthly premium for your pet. This will vary depending on your pet’s needs and the type of insurance plan you have obtained.

If you want, you could always go for less coverage or a lower reimbursement rate to get a lower monthly premium.

Whatever the case may be, the best thing about obtaining pet insurance for your companion is that you will save a lot of money on unexpected vet bills.

This means that whenever you pay your vet a visit, your insurance plan will reimburse you for any treatments your buddy would undergo.


Pet insurance offers you and your pet plenty of benefits


In addition to the financial benefits you get as a pet owner, there are other reasons why obtaining pet insurance for your pup or kitten is highly recommended.

First off, by having a suitable coverage plan, you won’t have to worry about not being able to afford proper care or treatment for your four-legged friend in times of need.

This is because your insurance plan allows you to bring your pet at the first sign of a problem and get them the immediate medical attention they need.

Secondly, if your pet suffers from a severe health condition, your insurance plan will allow you to choose the treatment method you believe is best for your companion. Without it, the treatments can be very expensive.

Lastly, pet insurance gives you and your pet peace of mind. You can perform regular wellness checkups and provide the right care for your companion anytime you want to.


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Final thoughts

No matter if you have a young puppy or an adult cat, there will be times when your best friend will have to pay their vet a visit. Because such medical checkups can be quite expensive, your best option as a pet owner is to obtain pet insurance for your companion.

This way you will be able to provide your little one with proper care in times of need while saving lots of money on unexpected vet bills.

All you have to do is pick the most suitable insurance coverage plan for your pet and always stay on top of their health. 





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