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The Benefits of Dog Lick Mats – How do I use one?

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Benefits of Dog Lick Mats


Lick mats are a godsend for humans and hounds alike. Though they are ostensibly just for dogs, you would be surprised how much humans can also benefit from them.

Whilst dogs enjoy lick mats for their digestion-slowing, anxiety-reducing stimulation, humans enjoy that lick mats bring at least half an hour of ‘me-time’.

Much as we love our dogs, sometimes we wish they had a Pause button—or perhaps we should say ‘Paws button’.

Unfortunately, not even the best dog accessory manufacturer can create one of these, but a lick mat is like the next best thing! Here’s how a lick mat can benefit both you and your dog.


Remind me what a lick mat is?


A lick mat is a silicone mat containing small grooves. It’s essentially a very flat, very textured food bowl. Unlike a traditional food bowl, however, a lick mat turns food into a distraction.

The grooves provide mental and physical stimulation, slowing down digestion.

It is often used to soothe anxious dogs, but guess what its ultimate perk is! It gives humans a breather from a dog’s attention-seeking ways—even if only for half an hour.

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word image 7

A Mint Lick Mat With Suction from Stylish Hound. Comes complete with a spatula.


Sounds great! How do I use one?

To use a lick mat, use a spatula or knife to spread pureed food onto the mat’s surface. Whether you’re using peanut butter, dog food, or pureed pumpkin—if it’s spreadable, it will do the trick*.

As discussed earlier, a lick mat’s purpose is to slow digestion. And, as you can likely imagine, licking every last morsel from within those grooves will take time.

(*Please exercise common sense here. Some foods, such as chocolate or onion, are toxic to dogs. Please do not spread molten chocolate or last night’s pasta sauce on your dog’s lick mat.)

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Keep kitties out of mischief! Licking mats are also cool for cats.

If you have a kitty, there are also lick mats available for cats. Bear in mind that feline diets are exclusively carnivorous, and so your food options for cats will be more limited.


So, what are the benefits?

A lick mat is a distraction tool. By having food dispersed between its grooves, there’s no way your dog will be eating it all in one go.

Dogs are known to woof down their food. By slowing digestion, dogs will absorb their nutrients better and become more aware of their own satiety cues.

Anxious dogs will also benefit. If your dog dislikes grooming, car rides, or bathtime, lick mats can distract them from their surrounding stressors.

If your dog experiences general anxiety, they may find the repetitive motion of licking the bowl to be calming. Lick mats also make snack time a fun game. Dogs will enjoy the mental stimulation of licking every nook and cranny of their mat.


And, of course, they’re a great solution for attention-seeking dogs. If your dog wants more attention than you can give, buy yourself some time by loading up a lick mat.

If you’re working from home or having regular Zoom calls, you may find these to be a godsend.

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Stop cheeky dogs from stealing your bickies!


Anything else I should know?


Despite the fact that mat-licking is autonomous, you should always supervise your dog while it’s happening. Also, ensure that your dog cannot access the mat when it’s not in use.

If you have a suctioned lick mat, detach each suction cup from surfaces individually.

Ripping the whole thing from a surface in one go could damage the mat! When the time comes to clean your lick mat, handwash it in warm, soapy water. Lick mats and dishwashers don’t exactly go together.

Most importantly, please don’t overuse lick mats. It’s tempting but bear in mind that food is first and foremost a source of nourishment.

Rely on it too heavily and your doggy may be getting a bit pudgy! Lick mats are best used in moderation and as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Happy licking!




Questiоns Thаt Peорle Ask


Аre liсking mаts gооd fоr dоgs?

Liсking mаts аre а greаt wаy tо рrоmоte рeасeful behаviоr. Inсreаsed sаlivаtiоn: the feeding time by extending it рrоduсes mоre sаlivа. fоrсing them tо slоw dоwn when they are eаting their fооd frоm the usuаl dоg bоwl, reduсe the risk оf digestive trасt disоrders.

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Аre liсking mаts suitаble fоr рuррies?

Liсking mаts аre а greаt sрirituаl trаining tооl thаt yоur раrents саn use in mаny wаys. Here is the reаsоn why dоgs аnd their рeорle lоve liсking mаts: they reduсe stress аnd аnxiety – if yоur dоg is оverwhelmed during bаthing, mаintenаnсe, оr оther асtivities, liсking mаtt is welсоme (аnd deliсiоus) аttentiоn.


Whаt саn put on my dog’s Liсkimаt?


8 best things tо рut оn dоgs Liсkimаt

  • Рeаnut butter (withоut xylitоl) – fоr lоng-term fun саn be freeze.
  • Yоghurt – Рreferаbly, а роsket оr Greek yоgurt.
  • Minсed meаt (in rаw оr miсrоwаve 30-40 seсоnds thаt juiсe shоuld be оut)
  • BBQ сhiсken juiсe.
  • Honey.
  • Vegemite.
  • Sаrdine (slide in the sрооn bасk)
  • Сreаm and сheese


Hоw dо yоu сleаn the Liсkimаt?

If yоu forget to clean the Liсkimаt for tоо lоng, it will be diffiсult to clean. Yоu саn сleаn the Liсkimаt by sоаking it in wаrm wаter (withоut а dishwаshing deviсe). Then tаke аbоut 10 minutes аfter the оld tооthbrush аnd stаrt the mаtte sсаling.




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