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6 Essential Items To Buy When Bringing Home A Dog

Last Updated on November 22, 2021 by Dogs Vets

6 Essential Items To Buy When Bringing Home A Dog

Bringing your new friend home is a great decision and beautiful innovation to your life, but it is something that wants you to be prepared.

Before you welcome your lovely new pet, you should make sure that you have some basic things it will need on your hand.

It includes items you need for food, hygiene, a dwelling place, and something for dog’s fun. Check out the list of six essential items to buy before your new family member comes to your home.

1. Collar & Leash

The importance of the collar is huge. Find the size that will suit the dog. Make sure it is not too loose.

A leash will help you take your dog on a necessary and well-deserved morning and evening walk.

The length of the leash changes- until you and your dog get to know each other better, you will need a shorter one.

Once the dog is trained, and you have a firm bond, you can have longer. It is advisable to write the dog’s name on his necklace as an identification mark. This will help you in case the dog gets lost.

2. A Dog House

Before adopting a dog, make sure that you provide a place that will be a safe home for him. Also, you must consider many other factors of your lifestyle that are connected and can affect a dog’s stay.

If you want him to spend most of the time outside, make sure that your yard is safe with no holes. He needs a place where he will safely and comfortably lie down.

If necessary, install an awning.  The ideal thing to do is to buy a dog house when he needs shelter. This will adorn your yard and provide a cozy and lovely place for him when he needs warmth and shelter while being outside.

3. Dog’s Bed

Your dog needs a place to sleep, so if you don’t want him to be on your bed or sofa most of the time, buy him a bed.

Take proper hygiene of his sleep place. Wash it regularly with a mild detergent. Encourage your new dog to lie down on his bed by offering him a delicious dog treat or bone.

The bed you get for your dog can be open, closed, or in the shape of a cage. Dogs will feel safe if they have a place to hide. However, some pets prefer beds with no roofs and walls or open ones.

4. Food & Water Containers

As you have to serve food and water in something, you’ll definitely need food and water bowls. You can look into personalized dog bowls, as they are a unique and sweet way of serving and keeping the dog’s food.

It can be helpful later, if you decide on having more pets, to divide their portions of food. Sweets served in them will be used as bribes and tools for successful training. Wash water and food bowls regularly and let your buddy enjoy them.


When it comes to food, it is a good idea to consult with a veterinarian about what food is the best for your dog.

Just like us, they need quality food to stay happier and healthier. Bones are a good tool for training and an appealing call for him, but you must make sure what kind of bones your dog should or shouldn’t take.

For example, leftover bones, if cooked, become sharp and can get stuck in a dog’s throat, abdomen or intestines and cause perforations or block digestion.

5. Hygiene products

Taking care of your dog’s hygiene is essential. Teeth are probably even more important to dogs than to humans, so it’s not bad to get used to brushing your dog’s teeth from an early age. You will need special toothpaste because the one for adults is not suitable for them.

A special brush will also make it easier for you to brush your dog’s teeth. Once you have purchased these items, buy a hairbrush to gently treat your pet’s fur immediately.

Be aware of shampoos you use- pick the ones made especially for the dogs, since they have a formula that suits thief fur the best.

6. Toys

Buy a few toys- toys that squeak, ones that he can chew or pull on. Almost all dogs, young or old, adore toys. This creates a great form of exercise, training, and fun both for you and your dog. They enhance your interaction, stimulate the dog’s mind, and create beneficial behavioral habits.

They come in various shapes and sizes depending on the numerous purposes they serve. 

Once your new furry family member enters your life and home, a lot of funny and joyful moments await you. Take care of him and his needs, and you will both enjoy a lifelong friendship full of love and happiness.



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