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7 Top Tips and Tricks When Moving With Pets

Last Updated on December 3, 2021 by Dogs Vets

7 Top Tips and Tricks When Moving With Pets

Pets are an integral part of a family; whenever the owners move, they must move too. Moving from one house to the other can be stressful, especially if you have pets.

While you pack the items and prepare the house for sale, pets can quickly get confused and sometimes irritated due to changes when they notice they are leaving their best place.

You need to ensure they are ready to leave, and you also need to prepare them for a move to a new location. Pets also find it challenging to travel long journeys; hence you need to understand the tips and tricks to move with them.


Keep the pet away from the action

Pets are curious, and they want to be part of the action. While they engage in their games around you, they can easily get hurt; hence you need to keep them safe.

Try to keep them away from the action; after all, they can’t carry the boxes. You can keep them in the cage or their shelter until you are done.

You should also not let them out of the new house because they need to learn the new environment from you.

Pets learn from their owners.

Pets are susceptible, and they can quickly learn by observing your emotions. When you are angry, stressed, happy or agitated, the pets can easily know and react differently to every emotion.

Sometimes they demand attention, especially after a long and stressful day moving. You need to stay happy, joyous and give them the attention they desire.

Do not get your pet stressed because you are stressed. So keep the happy face to please them during the move.


Keep the pet occupied.

Pets do get stressed when they are ignored for a long time. While loading the truck, they will sit and observe and get bored with the whole situation. Sometimes they can react by becoming harsh or going into hiding.

You do not want your pet to become stubborn, especially when you plan to travel long distances.

While the movers load the truck, you can keep the pet occupied. You can take the dog for a walk and return when you are ready to leave. For cats, you can keep them playing and occupied in the next room. Once they get tired and have had enough playing, they will stay relaxed or asleep for the better part of the journey.

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Do not keep your pet with the boxes

Pets need to feel comfortable while moving; hence, you should not keep them in boxes or trucks. They can easily suffocate at the back of the truck or become irritated for being alone in the truck. You can travel with them in your car or hire a pet expert to travel with them to the new location.

It is best when they travel with you so that they stay comfortable and happy all the way.

Traveling with you will help them adjust to the conditions and understand the change of residence. They can also take breaks and rest in rest stops during the journey as they travel with you. They can feed, play or walk around before they resume the trip. This keeps them healthy, happy, and motivated to move.

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Buy a pet moving bag or treats

Pets such as cats will need to stay comfortable as you move; you can buy a bag to keep them while you drive. Ensure the bag has a comfortable bed to relax or sleep all the way. For dogs, a bag of treats will be necessary.

You may not find a bag big enough to keep them; hence you need them to stay occupied in the back seat. Get a bone or some treats to keep them busy till they get tired and doze off.

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Update their details

Once you move to the new location, you can change their collar to ensure the tag reflect the new address. You can retain the name and change the remaining details. You can also buy a new tag and collar to reflect a new beginning for them.

Take the pet to the vet.

Before the moving day, you need to take your pet to the vet for a check-up. The vet will check the pet’s medical condition and assess whether it is ready to travel or not.

A vet may recommend natural supplements to keep the pet relaxed and asleep, especially if you have to travel longer.

The vet can also inject the pet with necessary medicine or advise a red malay kratom gummy to adjust to the new surroundings and overcome the effects of climatic conditions that can cause illnesses. One can wonder where to buy red malay kratom, but can find it kratom dispensaries near around.

For animals like cats, visiting a vet will enable them to adjust to the new space; they are not like dogs that quickly adapt to new environments. The vet can also recommend you to another vet in the location you are moving to.


Ensure you keep the pet asleep or busy while traveling so that they do not notice the changes or they do not become anxious. Upon arriving in the new location, the pet will still be confused; hence you need to help them adjust to the new site. You also need to help them deal with the anxiety of moving.


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