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What Accessories Do You Need for Your Dog Walking Business?

Last Updated on May 18, 2023 by Dogs Vets

What Accessories Do You Need for Your Dog Walking Business?

Many people and companies are making plans of at least partially returning to their workplaces.

While selecting the right accessories for your dog walking business is essential, it’s equally important to ensure your business is set up correctly; using LLCBuddy can help you navigate the process and provide valuable guidance on establishing and managing your new venture.

In line with this, many pet parents are left wondering how their pets can still get the attention and activity they need once their humans start working from their offices again.

If you’ve always thought about starting your own dog-walking business, now is the perfect time to establish yourself as your neighborhood’s resident dog walker.

Many pet owners will be needing your services in the next few months, so you need to start setting everything up as soon as possible.

Dog walkers who offer great experiences to their human and canine customers have the right tools at their disposal every time they provide their services.

Here are some of the accessories and supplies you need to ensure that your dog walking business is always running smoothly:

dog walking accessories


Heavy-duty Collar or Harness and Leash


Every dog walker needs a selection of custom dog collars and harnesses as well as heavy-duty leashes to do their work.

These accessories should fit your canine customers perfectly so that they can remain comfortable and there’s little to no risk that they can free themselves from their collars or harnesses.

Hands-free leashes are a good option, and they can be especially handy once you’re capable of walking multiple dogs at once.


Reflective or Identifying Pet Clothing

It’s a must to keep your eye on your canine companions as you go about your route. To make sure that all the dogs under your care are accounted for, you can use custom dog bandanas as identifiers for your charges.

Your custom dog bandana can carry your logo or name so that it can also work as a sort of advertisement for your business. Dog accessories with reflective materials are a good option as well if you do most of your dog walking at night.


Sling Bag

Dog walkers need to carry a lot of stuff with them as they go about their work. On top of your personal items like your phone, IDs, keys, and wallet, you also need to pack a few supplies for your canine customers.

Prepare a sling bag with all the supplies you need before you head out and fetch your walking companions.


Dog Wipes or Tissues

Caring for dogs is a messy business. Throughout your walk, you’ll likely have to deal with plenty of slobber, dog pee and poop, mud, and other icky fluids. This is all part and parcel of the dog walking business, and the best thing you can do is prepare all the tools you need for an easy cleanup session.

Using dog wet wipes should do the trick most of the time, but you can also pack paper towels and tissues if you need a dry material to wipe liquids up with.

dog accessories


Poop Bags and Poop Bag Holders

Dealing with dog poop is a matter of when, not if, for dog walkers. It’s important to anticipate possible messes when dogs need to do their business.

Be prepared to clean up after your charges by packing a roll of poop bag in a poop bag holder. When one of your customers’ dogs needs to go, you only have to pull out a poop bag from the holder to clean up after them.


First Aid Kit and Emergency Cards

A lot of things can happen while you’re walking with your customers’ dogs. While prevention is better than cure, it’s always a good thing to pack a first aid kit with you whenever you head out to provide your service.

A dog walker’s first aid kit should include sterilization materials and bandages that can help deal with cuts and scrapes in a flash.

Emergency cards for pets, which should include information like your contact details, should also be a part of your everyday kit.


Collapsible Bowls

Your walking companions will likely feel thirsty after covering a few scenic routes, especially on hot days. Bring a collapsible bowl and some water so that they can drink whenever they need to.


Dog Treats

At times, especially when the dogs are feeling a bit rowdy, you need to use dog treats to get your walking companions’ attention and cooperation.

Pack a few bite-sized treats with you so you can train your customers’ dogs during your rest stops or simply get the dogs in line when you’re out and about.


Flashlight or Headlamp

Bringing a flashlight or a headlamp is a great idea, especially if it’s almost dark or if there are poorly lit spaces along your route.

This tool will not only help you see the road properly, but it will also help you stay visible to the other people and vehicles that you’re sharing the route with.


Self Defense Item

Unfortunately, dealing with untrained or loose animals is always a possibility while you’re out doing your work. Encounters with strays or aggressive animals can lead to injury, so it’s best to keep a non-lethal self-defense item in your pack.

A dog repellent can suffice in some cases, but bringing a physical baton is also a good idea. These tools will help you put a safe distance between you and your charges and a possible attacker.

Set up your dog walking business as early as possible and establish your brand as a trusted dog walker in your area. Make sure you have all these tools ready so that you can confidently face the challenges that a dog-walking job often comes with.

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