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How CBD Oil for Dogs Can Ease Separation Anxiety

Last Updated on September 26, 2021 by Dogs Vets

How CBD Oil for Dogs Can Ease Separation Anxiety


Dogs are highly emotional animals, and they just adore their humans. In most cases, they understand that their love and affection are reciprocated. Still, your pet may be too attached to certain family members. And that’s quite normal, as soon as your pup doesn’t behave strangely.

But at some point, a dog can become very anxious and depressed when their favorite person is gone.

Although this fear is unreasonable, your pet is afraid of being left alone and abandoned. This pattern of behavior is especially pronounced in adopted and poorly socialized dogs.

It’s often seen as aggressive or destructive behavior that can be very disturbing.

Have you ever given much thought to treating your pet’s anxiety with CBD oil? You may want to view more since this natural remedy can ease many health problems.

It’s even more effective at relieving your pup’s mental troubles. Besides treating a variety of illnesses, from arthritis to cancer, the benefits of this all-natural, therapeutic substance can help your pup fight stress and separation anxiety as well.


Appearance of Anxiety

Although it is more common in adopted animals, separation anxiety can also develop in dogs that grew up in a family since their puppyhood. It also happens in pets that are well trained and accustomed to occasional solitude.

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There are several forms of this condition, and some of them require the use of conventional drugs. If this stage occurs, it’s best to take your dog to the vet.

Suppose you notice anxiety symptoms, such as howling, leaving stinky presents all over the apartment, or a mess every time you return home.

In that case, you should react in time so that such behavior patterns do not get worse. If your dog doesn’t accept your temporary departure calmly, there is a chance that they will become aggressive and even hurt themselves.

The very development of anxiety behavior occurs due to the incorrect response of the animal mind to the ‘stress’ of your departure.

It happens if the work of the endocannabinoid system, which should reflect the balance of body and mind, is disturbed. That most often occurs when this system lacks endocannabinoids, chemicals that activate the receptors responsible for the mammal’s body homeostasis.


How CBD Can Treat Anxiety

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As explained, ECS contains receptors spread through the entire dog’s body. Those located in the brain trigger balancing responses to stimulations and stress.

In other words, if these receptors work well, your pup will be calm and relaxed. But if something’s wrong, you can expect some adverse reactions like howling, yelping, running around, etc.

ECS’s receptors release endocannabinoids in order to stabilize your dog’s mood. When there are not enough of these chemicals, the system’s work is disrupted.

CBD can act as a supplement, as it belongs to the same compounds as endocannabinoids. It will interact with this system and bind to receptors in the brain. That way, CBD will increase serotonin levels and trigger calming and mood-stabilizing effects.

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Administration of CBD Oil

The great thing about CBD oils is that they have an almost instant effect if given to a dog orally. It is best to drip a few drops under their tongues so that the CBD quickly reaches the blood vessels and the brain.

Due to its fast action, you can give this oil to the dog just before you leave the house, for example, half an hour before your departure. Of course, provide your pup with enough food, water, toys, and anything else that will entertain them while you are away.

If dogs don’t allow you to put a dropper in their mouth, don’t do it by force. You can drip the prescribed dose of CBD oil on their favorite treat or in a bowl with food. Just make sure they eat it before you go.

This method works a little slower because CBD passes through the entire digestive tract before getting into the bloodstream. That’s why it’s best to sneak CBD oil into your dog’s food an hour or two before you go out.


How to Choose the Right Product?

There are plenty of companies making CBD oils for dogs, and many of them have been licensed to use this powerful substance in treating pets. Yet, the trick is to know which ones are trustworthy. With so many different brands, it can be challenging to find the right one.

Sadly, some pet shops and online stores are more interested in selling the cheapest kind of product rather than providing the safest and most effective treatment for dogs.

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It means that if you choose a supplier who sells cheap or fake CBD oils, you run the risk of your dog developing an adverse reaction.

So do your best to buy only genuine CBD oil for your furry buddy. The best way to do this is to choose a supplier who can provide you with quality certification and lab reports.

Also, make sure these brands and products have good reviews and testimonials from previous clients.

As seen on the following page, some signs can help you spot fake CBD products:

Many know that CBD is one of the most powerful natural remedies available for treating a number of different medical problems in pets.

If you have a hard time dealing with your pup’s separation anxiety, hemp-based oil can be the solution you need. It’s safe, convenient, and provides great value for money.



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