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5 Useful Accessories for Your Dog Walks

Last Updated on December 29, 2022 by Dogs Vets

5 Useful Accessories for Your Dog Walks

Walking your dog should always be fun for both of you. But if you are not prepared, it can be a daunting task. That is why accessorizing for success is the right choice for the smart and responsible dog owner.

Staying prepared with the right accessories helps to ensure that your walks will always have more good times than bad.  Because all accessories are not created equal, it’s best to have the correct accessories from the beginning.

Here are five accessories that are useful for you and your dog on walks.   

Body Harness

Dogs need strong leadership to thrive. Every dog owner isn’t a gifted leader, and every tool for leading isn’t the best. Some people need the advantage of the latest and greatest technology.

For dog walking, that technology is the body harness. The body harness lets you walk your dog on a leash with most of the advantages of a collar and very few of the disadvantages.

Some dogs, especially young, excited dogs and dogs with strong temperaments, are known to have problems with collars. These dogs can choke themselves while walking on a collar, and excited dogs on colors have even been known to harm themselves.

A body harness allows you to control your dog safely, so it is a must-have walking accessory.  

Retractable Leash

For dogs and their owners going on a walk is a celebration of trust in their relationship.

Building a trusting relationship with your dog means setting them up for situations where the leash is unnecessary. With this end goal in mind, a traditional leash is restrictive. This is why retractable leashes are so great; they allow you to build trust and space as you walk.

Retractable leashes are good for helping dogs learn boundaries. This is a big upgrade from a traditional leash, where you’d have to physically lead a dog to or away from a space.

With a retractable leash, the message is given much more clearly.

Giving the line slack communicates that the dog can roam more freely. Tightening the leash means it’s time to assert some control.  

Treat Bag

Next is the treat bag. This is such an essential tool because treats are part of a good relationship with your dog. Having treats on walks means easy rewards for good behavior.

Rewarding good behavior is an essential part of a dog’s healthy social development.

Having treats in the bag makes it convenient to reward your dog. You can get treat bags in all sorts of fun and funky designs and shapes. They can be attached to your leash, belt, or keychain.

A great part about treat bags is they can also be made from normal paper or plastic bags.

Treat bags are a great way to keep your dog excited and hold its attention. With the treat bag, every walk is full of fun.

Have you ever considered customized fanny packs? They can hold all of your pet’s accessories, match any outfit, and be customized to match your style, pet, and needs. Custom bum bags can hold almost anything you bring for your pet.   

Poop Bags

Now it’s time to talk poop. When walking your dog, they almost always will poop. After they poop you should always pick it up promptly and hygienically. All you have to do is wait for your dog to finish, pick up the poop with the bag, and throw the bag away. That’s all there is to it.

No walk with your dog should be done without a poop bag. Poop bags come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials.

You can have biodegradable poop bags, which are the best. Or you can grab that bag from yesterday’s take-out. It’s best to keep them where you keep your leash and harness because they all go together.  

Throw Toy

A healthy dog is a happy dog. The healthiest dogs get good and regular exercise. When walking your dog, there are many opportunities to allow the dog to chase a toy. This toy can be a ball, squeaky toy, phone, or stick.

Whatever sort of toy you choose for your dog, the important part is to give your dog the option to get active.

Throw toys make great exercise tools.  The frisbee is a great toy for dogs. With a frisbee, you can get your dog socializing with humans in a fun, friendly, and free (minus the cost of a frisbee) way.

Sticks and balls are great throw toys too, but the cool thing about frisbees is that frisbees have a great variety of dynamic movements. It’s very difficult for any dog to become bored with a frisbee.    


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