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7 Best Cat Collars for Cats Who Hate Collars In 2022

Last Updated on July 26, 2022 by Dogs Vets

7 Best Cat Collars for Cats Who Hate Collars In 2022


A growing number of households and families prefer to own cats over any other pets. Cats are known to be affectionate, gentle, and friendly.

However, they’re more likely to get overstimulated than dogs, so they tend to escape their owners’ homes for a while.

Because of this common tendency, ensuring that your cat wears their proper identification collar would be ideal.

Although they’ll return to your home after roaming around neighborhoods and streets without collars, they’re still likely to be perceived as stray cats.

Nevertheless, when your cat won’t go back home as expected, it’ll be easier to search for them through their collars. People who can find them will also know they belong to a family.

Consider the following choices for the best cat collars for cats who hate wearing one:


1. Best Leather Cat Collar

A leather collar is one of the best cat collars. It’s a luxurious way to ensure the safety of your pet. However, a leather collar isn’t all about elegance and style. Because of their top-grade leather quality, this is the sturdiest material you can find.

For your cat’s comfort, make sure you choose a leather strap that’s both slim and light. This way, your cat won’t have to feel it on their neck constantly.

Leather cat collars are worth the investment, considering how long-lasting they can be.

Supakit Leather Cat Collars are made from the finest genuine leather, with a vet-recommended breakaway buckle for your cat’s safety when outdoors.

Leather Cat Collar
Leather Cat Collar from Supakit.co

2. Reflective Collar With Bell

Choosing this high-quality reflective collar with the bell is a wise decision. It comes in bright colors with reflective features, so you can easily identify your cat even in the dark.

Your sneaky cat can continue playing in the yard or out in the streets, and having their bright collars would help you spot them easily.

On the other hand, the attached bell is another feature of this cat collar that makes identifying your kitty’s location more effortless.

You can listen to the bell-ringing sound and be able to identify where your pet is.

In addition, these collars are made of non-abrasive and comfortable materials that won’t irritate your cat. They’re also durable enough not to rip or fray easily. It’s suitable for your cat who hates wearing collars.


Meanwhile, since you can adjust this collar easily, it can fit any adult cat or kitten. Furthermore, there are different reflective colors to choose from. Hence, you can select a color that’ll help you identify them quickly.


3. Bow Tie Collar

If you’re a pet parent who wants to find ways to elevate your pet’s cuteness, buying your cat this bow tie collar is the best choice.

cat who hates wearing collars
Bow Tie Cat Collar

A bow tie collar looks adorable on almost every cat. A wide selection of colors and patterns are available to match any occasion. This includes your cat’s everyday look and special occasions like birthdays and holidays.

In addition, this is a great outfit option to celebrate your pet on St. Patrick’s Day.

The bow tie collar is also an excellent choice if you intend to travel to different places. It’s one of the best cat collars for ensuring your pet’s safety while remaining fashionable.

Best Cat Collars

Essentially, you should choose bow tie harness cat collars that are made of durable materials. For added durability and strength, cotton fabric is sewed onto polypropylene webbing. These cat collars usually come with the option to remove the bow tie so you can replace them with other designs and colors as you wish.

Meanwhile, attached next to the buckle is a small silver bell. This is a must-feature for your cat collar to ensure you can find them when they explore the outdoors.

The harness feature secures the collar and leash in place, preventing your cat from slipping off the collar on its own.


4. Personalized Nylon Cat Collar

In this modern age, it’s all about personalization. The same feature should be applied to your pet’s collar. Go for a personalized nylon cat collar that allows you to print your cat’s identification information, such as name, address, and phone number.

These details will help people easily identify who they belong to and can conveniently return them to your address.

Furthermore, this collar is equipped with a reflective surface and a breakaway clasp for added safety. Your cat might hate identification tags on their neck, so having a personalized cat collar is the best alternative.


5. Stretchable Cat Collar With Velcro Closures

Another excellent collar idea is using a stretchable material with Velcro closures. Due to their stretchy neoprene and adjustable Velcro features, they’re perfect for cats of all sizes. The stretchable straps won’t hurt the neck of your pet.

Stretchable Cat Collar
Stretchable Cat Collar

Even the most adventurous cats can wear them since they’re stretchy and have Velcro closures. You can have the option to install a bell on it for added features. Many cat owners prefer to use this collar for their pets.


6. Glow-In-The-Dark Cat Collar

This is most likely the most feature-packed collar on the market. With a removable bell and glow-in-the-dark strips, it’s a great nighttime companion. This is similar to the reflective cat collars, but the glow-in-the-dark feature is only visible at night.

Moreover, it comes with a safe buckle closure suitable for sensitive cats. You can adjust the breakaway buckle’s ease of opening based on your cat’s weight. However, it’s worth noting that this kind of cat collar isn’t intended for small cats or kittens.


7. Cotton Material Cat Collar

Having cotton as the primary material of your cat collar is ideal if you want something that won’t irritate your pet.

You can also choose a collar that’s made from organic cotton. This is one of the best cat collars for your adorable felines who hate nylon and polyester materials.

Although organic cotton collars are slightly expensive, it’s an excellent investment for your cat. Not only are they comfortable, but the material is also breathable. Hence, they won’t feel stressed out, agitated, and experience irritation.

In addition, this cotton collar comes with adjustable straps with a wide selection of colors. You can attach them to a leash if you’re taking your cat outside for a walk.



Whether you own a cat or are looking to purchase an ideal cat for your home, choosing from the best cat collars is essential. The best cat collars for your feline companion are summarized in this article.

All the cat collars included above are ideal for your pets. Remember to consider the quality and materials of a cat collar to find the most suitable one.


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