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The World’s Biggest Pitbull – hulk the pitbull

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The World’s Biggest Pitbull


Leonbergers, otherwise known as Leonberger Bullies, are the world’s largest pitbulls.

While many consider the DDK’s Hulk to be the world’s biggest pitbull, this may not be the case.

In fact, several dogs larger than the hulk were previously unknown to the general public. While these dogs are primarily known in the breeder world, the Hulk has been receiving wide-scale media attention in recent months.

The legacy that the world-famous Pitbull known as the Hulk leaves behind will be a powerful one. It is possible that Hulk’s son, DDK9’s King Kong, will grow to be even larger than him, which would mean that Hulk would no longer be the largest Pitbull on the planet.

When you stop and think about it, this is completely absurd. Kong had already reached 150 pounds despite only being a year old. Kong’s kennel, which goes by the name Dark Dynasty K9, is also his home.


Even if he is not the only super gigantic offspring of the Hulk, a 175-pound behemoth if you remember, DDK9’s King Kong is well on his way to becoming the only one that catches all of the eyeballs. This is because he is already the largest offspring of the Hulk.

Now, Dark Dynasty K9 focuses on breeding huge Pitbull dogs as their area of expertise. But giant Pitbull dogs are rather common, so what is it about them that makes them so desirable and pricey?

Everything revolves around the training that the Dark Dynasty is through. Not only does Dark Dynasty specialize in the breeding of large canines, but the kennel also provides defense training for each of its canine residents. Because of this training, the puppies will have a higher market value because they will be able to serve as guard dogs.

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Kong is bigger than the Hulk

You may be thinking that Kong is bigger than the Hulk, but you’re wrong. The Kong weighs about 15 pounds less than the Hulk, and the giant ape is still only a pup.

Plus, Kong still has another 2 years of growing to do! Despite the size difference, Kong has more physical strength than the Hulk. Read on to learn the other surprising facts about Kong.

Though the two are related, the two dogs have some significant differences.

For example, American Pitbull Terriers are 30 to 85 pounds while Kong weighs around 150 pounds.

hulk the pitbull

However, the Hulk is believed to be a cross between an American Pitbull Terrier and an American Bulldog. While it is impossible to say which one is more intelligent, both breeds share some traits.

While Kong may be the bigger, more powerful ape, the Hulk might be the better dog in a battle.

Hulk weighs roughly four times as much as a typical pit bull, which ranges in weight from 30 to 60 pounds.

This kind of size and mass is not particularly healthy for any breed because it hinders their agility, stresses the joints, and reduces the prospective lifespan of the animal.

But despite all of these potential dangers, Hulk still decides to become a father to a litter of pit bull puppies. As a result of the big-boned character of their daddy, it is anticipated that the puppies will mature into attractive pit bulls of the same size as Hulk, which should net the owner something in the neighborhood of half a million dollars.

Hulk the Pitbull


DDK9 Kong’s Temperament

The American Pitbull Terrier has a reputation for being a clever, active, and inquisitive dog that gets along well with children and other pets.

Regardless of whether or not you believe that DDK9s puppies are purebred, the fact of the matter is that Kong, at the end of the day, has Pitbull blood in his veins. Therefore, he ought to possess each of these attributes.

Kong is still a Pitbull at his core, despite the fact that he brazenly flaunts his size. It is clear from the videos that have been uploaded to the Dark Dynasty web series that he does not pose any threat.

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Even Marlon Grennan’s young daughter, who is only three years old, enjoys playing with him and rubbing his belly.

Just like any other dog, Kong thrives on the attention he receives. He enjoys spending time with his relatives and is always up for a game or a cuddle.

This kind of friendly behavior may come as a bit of a surprise coming from a breed of dog that is well-known for the aggressive nature of its members.

Hulk is being trained for protection services

Dark Dynasty K9s has taken an unusual approach to training security dogs, raising them from puppyhood.

Owners Marlon and Lisa Grennan raise each of their dogs personally, and Hulk is no exception. The large dogs live together in a pack, without barriers or fences, and are socialized with humans and their young children. Hulk is a big, sturdy dog who is calm and outgoing, but has exceptional strength and power.

Hulk the Pitbull

After training, the Hulk has already been used to protect people. His first fight in this capacity was against Iron Man, who was attempting to defend himself.

Hulk the Pitbull is still alive and healthy

While the Hulk is a pit bull mix, his owners claim he is the world’s largest Pit Bull. His birth has ignited debates over backyard breeding, Pit Bull safety, and the ethics of dog breeding. Hulk was impregnated by a dog breeding company called Dark Dynasty K9s.

The owners were forced to pay $20,000 to have him impregnated. That’s about half of the average American household’s income.


Questions people are asking 


Is Kong Bigger than Hulk?

Although Kong is not currently larger than the Hulk, it appears as though he will be in the not too distant future.

At the moment, Kong weighs 160 pounds, which is 15 pounds less than what the Hulk now weighs. But before we go any further, we should point you that Kong is only 2 years old and still has another 2 years of his life left to mature.

If current trends continue, Kong will overtake Hulk within the next year or two and become the largest Pitbull anywhere in the world.

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When really do Hulk the Dog Die?

As of the month of May in the year 2020, contrary to the beliefs of a large number of people, Hulk is still alive and in good health. He continues to work as a trainer at the DDK9 kennel and is the parent of a large number of puppies.

So why do people believe that he has passed away? Many people think that Hulk was killed instead of Ace, who was another DDK9’s pup. During a competition for a female, two other DDK9 dogs fought Ace, which ultimately led to his death. To cut a long story short, Hulk is still making more litter and is still alive.

Is Kong a Bulldog or a Pitbull Type of Dog?

It is not possible to determine with absolute certainty, but Kong does not appear to be a purebred dog. Marlon Grennan, the proprietor of DDK9 kennel, responded affirmatively when asked if the Hulk was a purebred dog and said that he was able to demonstrate this via DNA testing.

However, he has not done so as of yet. This leads one to believe that Hulk is not of purebred origin. Numerous knowledgeable individuals assume that Hulk is the offspring of a hybrid between an American Pitbull Terrier and an American Bulldog.

If what you say is correct, then Kong, who belongs to DDK9, is not an American Pitbull Terrier because he is descended from the Hulk.

The fact that we are unable to definitively determine whether or not Hulk is a Pitbull contributes to the overall sense of ambiguity. Therefore, at the end of the day, we are unable to say anything with absolute certainty.


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