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Top 11 Best Dogs for Farm – The Ultimate Guide

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Choosing the Best Dogs for Farm

When choosing a dog for a farm, you should think about your needs and your dog’s temperament. If you’re a farmer and need a working dog, consider a breed like the Jack Russell.

This is a small, low-maintenance breed that is great for the family, as it’s a smaller dog and is more vulnerable to predators and the weather when it’s on a farm.

The short-headed Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh corgi is a good choice for a cattle dog, as it’s short stature keeps its head out of harm’s way and makes it a good vermin chaser.

Here are the Top 11 of the best dogs for farm work.

#1. Australian Cattle Dog

australian cattle dog

If you give a dog a name like Cattle Dog, you can be sure he will make an excellent canine buddy for farmers. He is not, in fact, an Australian.

Instead, he simply walked right through it. Furthermore, it was the Americans that polished the breed into the hardworking type that we are all familiar with and appreciate today. He is an excellent herding dog, and his nipping skill has given him the moniker “Heeler” (heeler in German).

#2. The Great Pyrenees Dog

The Great Pyrenees Dog

When it comes to protecting livestock, a Great Pyrenees is a good choice. These sturdy guard dogs are bred for the role and raised with livestock. They are gentle and trainable and can adapt quickly to new living conditions.

You may not see this dog on a daily basis, but it will keep watch for predators and will drive them away.

The Great Pyrenees also stay with the flock and guard against intruders.

The Pyrenees are native to the French and Spanish Pyrenees mountains, where they developed to guard livestock. They are gentle, loving, and calm, but can be stubborn.

These dogs are suited for a farm or ranch because they are so gentle and devoted to their owners.

Choosing the Great Pyrenees for your family may be the right choice for your home and farm.

The breed was bred for a variety of uses, including livestock, equine, and companionship. The Pyrenees became the most widespread LGD breed in North America in the 1970s.

While it is now primarily a companion dog, it retains its working heritage as the best dogs for farms. As long as you have a small farm, the Great Pyrenees is the right choice.

Although a dog that can work in the city or on the farm, an ACD can be a good choice for a small family with a few dogs. The Airedale Terrier, the largest terrier, is a perfect candidate for farm work. Natural ratters, Airedale Terriers are also great for herding, guarding, and herding duties.

While you can find any breed to fit your needs, some breeds are better suited for the countryside. In general, they are hardy and athletic, and they love to play in the outdoors. They have a strong desire to do their job, so they’re great for farm work.


#3. German shepherd

german shepherd

As a farm dog, a German shepherd can perform many tasks. The breed is intelligent, highly trainable, and loyal. Because of its strong guarding and herding instincts, this breed can serve as an excellent multipurpose farm dog. However, to fully reap the benefits of owning a German shepherd, it must receive proper socialization.

Learn more about this amazing breed and find out whether it’s right for you.

A German Shepherd dog is one of the best dogs for farm life. These powerful dogs can hunt, herd, and protect their flock. They are easy to train and can work well with other dogs, though they shouldn’t be raised with chickens.

A German Shepherd dog can protect chickens, but only if they have been socialized early on. A German Shepherd can also herd ducklings. If you’re considering a German Shepherd for your farm, don’t be shy.

American show lines are among the most laidback German Shepherds. They lack the intense boldness of working German Shepherds, but they have sound temperaments and can make excellent pets. They can be good watchdogs and can compete well in Schutzhund competitions.

However, American show lines don’t possess the extreme boldness needed for serious protection work.

A German shepherd with show bloodlines will make a satisfactory companion and a loyal member of the family.

Though German Shepherds are great at guarding livestock, they aren’t the best choice for this task.

Their high prey drive can make them aggressive toward livestock, which makes them a poor choice. But GSDs with mild temperaments will do the job. Most professionals would recommend a different breed for such a job.

This article examines some of the common problems associated with German shepherds and their use on farms.

A German shepherd’s natural instinct is to gather loose livestock. This is called “furrowing“. With the proper training, German shepherds can be trained to drive a herd in front of them. But be aware that they may bite in fear or protective mode. And don’t forget that German shepherds shed their coats year-round.

This dog can weigh up to 150 pounds. While they don’t seem like it, they can easily reach that range.

#4. Old English sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog - big fluffy dogs

As the oldest dog breed, the Old English Sheepdog (OES) was originally developed for herding sheep in the British Isles. They are well-suited for the task and need a good amount of space, especially if their daily routine includes a walk or run.

They may even try to herd humans! However, the OES is a great choice for people with young children and a small farm.

The physical features of an Old English Sheepdog are striking. Their long, thick hair and strong physique will keep you in awe of them.

Their pedigree reflects their hard work as shepherds, and their temperament is both strong and playful. Those looking for an Old English Sheepdog should know that their diet is incredibly limited compared to their size – they can gain or lose a few pounds quickly due to their thick coat.

The Old English Sheepdog is an intelligent and independent-minded dog with a herding instinct. It doesn’t need miles of brisk walking or running, but it needs plenty of opportunities to exercise and romp around. Otherwise, it could become rambunctious and destructive. And while the breed’s gentle personality makes it the perfect farm dog, it doesn’t do well with extreme boredom.

An Old English Sheepdog is an old dog breed that originated in England. Originally, sheepherders and farmers used this breed to drive their livestock to market.

Although it has been around for centuries, the breed did not make it to the United States until the 1880s, when it was exported to the Americas. Five of the top ten American families bred and showed this dog. These dogs are dependable and loving.

The long coat of an Old English Sheepdog requires daily brushing. To keep the coat healthy and free of matting, owners can get the dog’s coat clipped or shaved.

You may also decide to let the undercoat grow as this helps the dog tolerate hot weather. In any case, the sheepdog needs daily brushing. They need to be well-groomed to be healthy and happy.

#5. Bernese mountain dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog was originally bred in Switzerland for farm work. The dogs were used for a variety of purposes including driving carts, guarding farms, and pulling cattle.

The dog was thought to have originated in Switzerland, but it is now common to see these dogs living in many different areas. They were originally bred to work on a farm, but have since found a new purpose as companion animals for the family.

The Bernese Mountain Dog’s eyes are large, tri-coloured, and have an expressive expression. Their ears are triangular in shape, gently rounded at the tip.

When alerted, they are level with the top of their skull. Their skull is flat, with a slight furrow on the top. These qualities make them the perfect pet for a family.

If you are thinking about adopting a Bernese Mountain Dog for farm work, consider these tips.

While the Bernese mountain dog has always been a companion for farm work, they can also be an excellent watchdog for the home.

These dogs were often bred to alert a farmer to intruders. As a result, the dogs could be useful for a variety of tasks, including herding livestock, protecting a farm, and pulling milk carts. As a bonus, this breed is known for its sweet, patient temperament. It is also a great therapy dog for those in need.

The life span of a Bernese mountain dog is short, ranging from six to eight years. Some breeds have shorter lifespans than others, but overall, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a sturdy, durable, and intelligent companion.

It is easy to care for and has a coat that requires brushing frequently. A male Bernese Mountain Dog is 25 to 27 inches tall and a female is between 22 and 25 inches tall. Their weight ranges from 75 to 120 pounds.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a gentle and lovable companion who is friendly, intelligent, and easy to train.

Although they are good indoor dogs, they require plenty of exercises to keep them healthy. Though they are not known for their great endurance, they are excellent at running, hiking, and other forms of physical activity.

While they may bark at strangers, they are very docile and gentle and do not mind children or other pets.

#6. Border Collie

Border Collie

The Border Collie dog is often regarded as the world’s best herder, as well as the most intelligent dog breed on the face of the planet. Essentially, this means that whatever task you have on the farm, this guy will be able to learn it and perform it successfully.

At first, he is wary of strangers, but once he warms up to them, your ranch guests will be begging to come back for more belly rubs and cuddles with him.

#7. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Dog

The Australian Shepherd is yet another breed of dog that is not native to Australia, and he has just recently gone through the country. He’ll make an excellent herding dog once more.

With his gorgeous merle colouration and fluffy coat, he has gained a great deal of popularity as a household pet as well. You needn’t look any further than this man to find a farm dog who also happens to be a family pet.

#8. Airedale Terrier

#8. Airedale Terrier

Due to the fact that the Airedale Terrier is the largest of all terrier dogs, you can expect a lot of fun as well as typical terrier stubbornness from this fellow. However, because of his strength and desire to serve his master, he is an excellent candidate for farm work.

They are natural ratters, but because of their loud bark, they can also be relied upon to perform herding and farm protection responsibilities as well.

#9. Dutch Shepherd

Dutch Shepherd

This dog gentleman resembles the German Shepherd in appearance. The most significant difference is that he is more dedicated and intense. So, if you’re looking for a coworker who is very dedicated to his or her job, this individual might be your best bet.

His coat is brindle in colour, and he can be dressed in a short, long, or wired style. Because he is a stubborn canine, he is best suited for farmers who have previous experience teaching farm dogs.

#10. The Dachshund

dachshund picture

The Dachshund is an unexpected farm dog, but bear with us for a moment since he possesses a unique set of abilities that can be beneficial on the farm. Because of his large paddle paws, he is an excellent option for badger and rat hunting.

Making his way into locations that humans couldn’t get to is his speciality. Because of their constant barking, they can make ideal watchdogs for the home.


#11. Dutch Shepherd

Dutch Shepherd

Originally from the rolling hills of Italy, the Maremma Sheepdog has been tasked with protecting sheep and goats for centuries.

Many people believe he resembles a Polar Bear, and with his snowy coat, he is unquestionably a beautiful cuddling canine to behold. He’s also an excellent family protector, and you can rely on him to take over the night shift while you and your family sleep in the morning.

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