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Why Do People Start Using CBD Oils for Their Dogs?

Last Updated on September 25, 2022 by Dogs Vets

Why Do People Start Using CBD Oils for Their Dogs?



CBD is a natural element found in cannabis. CBD oil or cannabinoid oils have grown in popularity over the past few years.

Their health benefits are clear for everyone to see and enjoy. Some people have even chosen to use CBD oils on their dogs.

More research on CBD and its effects on human and canine bodies are necessary.

However, enough studies have shown it has positive effects which warrant its use.

There are states where vets and pet owners don’t have the freedom to use CBD oil on their pets. The FDA has not approved any CBD products for use on pets.


The following are reasons why people start using CBD oils on their dogs:




Some dogs can be quite irritable and get very excited by the smallest of stimuli. You want a dog that is active and aware.


However, it does get to a point where it is cumbersome, for example, in the evening when you should be asleep. The dog may bark at just about anything that moves outside. The irritability will affect both you and your pet’s sleep.


People will use CBD oil for dogs to make their dogs more relaxed when irritable.

You can apply it on the top part of their head or their belly, and the dog will soon relax and go to sleep.



Many dogs suffer from chronic pain issues, just like people. You will often hear your dog whine if it has chronic pain issues. CBD oils help relieve pain in people and can have the same effect on canines.

CBD for dogs is a great alternative to alleviate chronic pain instead of other forms of medication. Rubbing the oils on the dog will be relaxing and help with pain relief.

Reducing the pain in a dog will also help with its mobility. A dog that is in constant pain will rarely move. Once you give the dog some CBD oils, it will get active because the lack of pain will improve its mobility.



CBD has been shown to have a significant effect on inflammation. Inflammation is the leading cause of pain in animals. On the other hand, inflammation can lead to other serious diseases.

CBD oils can substantially help reduce inflammation and is one of the main reasons people start using CBD oils on their dogs. Inflammation in dogs will manifest itself as joint pain or an irritable body part.

You should apply CBD oils on any of your dog’s body parts you feel are inflamed. Your dog’s health should improve and their activity levels as well.



If your dog is not eating at all or takes several bites, and that’s it, there may be an issue with its appetite. A dog should eat enough to be active all day and for growth purposes.

If your dog has appetite issues, CBD oils can be extremely helpful in remedying them. You can give your dog the CBD oils directly or apply the oil to its abdomen region, and you should see a change in its feeding habits. Force-feeding your pet never works.



Epilepsy is a condition that affects humans and dogs alike. If your dog has epileptic seizures, you should try giving it some CBD oil.

A study showed that dogs treated using CBD oil had much fewer seizures than those treated in other ways. The intensity of the seizures was also less after CBD oil treatment.

Therefore, people may start using CBD oils on their pets if they have epilepsy.

In conclusion, more research needs to be done on CBD and its effects on the canine body. You should know that CBD oils for dogs are not FDA approved, and it is a wildly unregulated market. The above are only some of the ways you can use CBD oils for your dog. 




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