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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Dogs and Dog Lovers in Your Life

Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by Dogs Vets

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Dogs and Dog Lovers in Your Life



Dog lovers all over the world get holiday gifts for their canine companions. If you are looking for a gift to give the dog in your life, or you want to give something to a dog lover, it can take time to decide what to get. 

This guide will give you ten ideas for Christmas presents that dogs and dog lovers will be over the moon to receive. 


A new pup

If the dog lover in your life has been talking about getting another dog, the holidays might be the best time to introduce them to their new best friend. There are many great dogs to choose from, but if you or someone you know already has a small dog and wants a bigger puppy, you should look into Lab Puppies for Sale to get them a new friend.


Dog toys are always appreciated since some dogs go through their toys quickly. There are many different toy options, but something durable is a great idea. Look into some of the best dog toys and choose one from there. 


All pups love a good treat. Getting them something new or an old favorite is a perfect way to celebrate the holidays with your furry friends. 


A new collar or bandana can be a great way to add a cute accessory to your canine. Find one that matches their personality and will hold their tags. 

Leash and harness

Give dogs and dog owners the gift of easier walk times. A new leash or collar will make taking the puppies on a walk more fun and enjoyable for both dogs and owners. 

Portable water

Taking your dog out for a walk, hike, or playtime at the dog park can be fun and get some great exercise in for both of you, but you must bring water for your dog. A portable water bottle or water bowl is a great gift that makes keeping your dog hydrated easy. 

Doggy clothes 

As the seasons change, your dog may need extra protection from the elements. Dog shoes are great for hot sidewalks and cold, snowy, or rainy days. You could also get fashionable dog sweaters to help keep your puppy warm in the winter. 


Taking your dog to the vet or on car rides can be difficult if you don’t have the right equipment. A dog carrier is a great way to keep your dog contained and safe while traveling. 

New bed

Dog beds are pricey, and depending on your dog’s size and health needs, a new bed might be in order. Christmas time is a great time to get a new dog bed that meets your dog’s needs. 

Hair remover

Pet fur gets all over the place, and having to buy sticky lint removers and wash your clothes continually can be exhausting. A reusable hair remover can be a great alternative that lasts longer and helps control shedding.  


Look into these ten gift ideas when shopping for the dogs in your life this holiday season. 



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