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Smart Gadgets for Pets: 8 Accessories for Pet Care

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Smart Gadgets for Pets: 8 Accessories for Pet Care


We are responsible for those we have tamed. This means that taking care of our pets, their health and emotional well-being is completely our responsibility.

Technology is quickly becoming a part of both our lives and the lives of our animal companions, and it is doing so in a way that improves and enhances both of our lives along the way.

This technology gadgets ranges from automatic pet feeders and auto-cleaning litter boxes to veterinary telemedicine and robotic animal companions.


What exactly are these “pet devices”?

These gadgets enable us to monitor and keep track of our personal health data, such as our activity level, the amount of sleep we get, and our heart rate.

In recent years, a comparable technique has been adopted for usage in animals, specifically in the case of pets.

Wearable gadgets that are attached to a pet’s collar can be used to monitor their movements, including their activity level and the quality of their sleep.


Bowl With Scale

Bowl With Scale

Fat cats are cute, of course, but a healthy pet should not be overweight. That’s why the daily allowance is always clearly spelled out on the food package.

Such a modern bowl will help you keep track of your weight, because it has a built-in scale. It calculates the amount of food you need by entering age, weight, breed, and food brand.


Pet Companion Robot

Pet Companion Robot

Do you miss your pet at work?

He also misses, so try to diversify his everyday life in his absence. Either a second pet or smart robotic companion will help.

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The gadget has a built-in artificial intelligence system – with the help of algorithms, it detects the mood of the pet and adapts to its style of play.

The robot will imitate the movements, sounds and sights, entertaining the pet all day long. The robot’s arsenal includes a whole kit for playing with animals.

You, in turn, can participate remotely too – such robots have a built-in camera and voice communication.

Controlling the robot, you can move around the apartment and see what your pet is doing. And at the same time, you can shoot video, take pictures, and play with your cat or dog live.


Vest With Audio System

Vest With Audio System

The Woofer is the next generation of dog clothing: a jacket with a pocket for an iPod, iPhone or any mp3 player and mini speakers, so your dog turns into a portable sound system – a little cynical, but fun. There are options in different colors and sizes.


Pet Drinker

Pet Drinker

Cats like to drink water that flows. It’s instinctive. After all, wild animals used to quench their thirst in rivers and streams.

Now there is no need to look for a watering hole, but some pets still don’t mind eating tap water. But remember that it’s too hard for them, so it can cause urolithiasis.

Water for cats and dogs should always be filtered. Drinking fountains are equipped with replaceable filters that remove contaminants and reduce chlorine and heavy metals.

Moreover, the water in the fountain is constantly circulating – cleaned and cooled. So even when you’re at work or out of town for a couple of days, your pet will have access to clean water.


Smart Automatic Wi-Fi Feeder

Smart Automatic Wi-Fi Feeder

You need to feed your pets at the same time – routines are especially important for them. So if you’re often away for work, put in an automatic feeder. It holds around 1.5kg of dry food and is easy to control via an app.

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The feeder is airtight inside, with a special lock that blocks air in and prevents oxidation, so the food stays fresh and fragrant.

You can remotely open the lock and refill the bowl with food or set the right feeding program. An app will help you calculate the number of servings you need – the program can focus on weight loss, weight gain, and regular feeding.


Pet Camera

camera that attaches to the collar of the pet

A camera that attaches to the collar of the pet (most often dogs, but cats are also possible), although for small breeds it can be too massive.

You can set the interval at which the camera takes pictures, so you can keep track of your pet’s life, learning from the pictures what he did all day and what he saw.

The device runs on two batteries and can store up to 40 photos. It’s convenient to use as a device for selfies and proudly tell everyone that this lucky picture was taken by a dog.


Automatic Tray

An automatic tray cleans itself after each use and keeps your pet clean and removes unpleasant odors.

When a pet leaves the tray, the automatic cleaner starts by rotating the drum.

The filler passes through a specially designed filter grid to separate lumps from the filler and direct them to the waste compartment. And the smart odor eliminator releases a cleaning spray that covers the entire area of the tray.


Cat and Dog Haircutter 

Grooming is quite an expensive treat, so sometimes you can trim your pet’s hair at home as well.

The machine comes with two attachments – for the body and for the paws.

The cutting head is only 1 cm long and is designed to cut hair in hard-to-reach places:

on paws, ears and around the eyes, while the second, 3.2 cm long head is suitable for trimming body hair as well as for shaping the haircut.



Questions People are Asking 



How can technology help pets?

Technology is quickly becoming a part of both our lives and the lives of our animal companions, and it is doing so in a way that improves and enhances both of our lives along the way.

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This technology ranges from automatic pet feeders and auto-cleaning litter boxes to veterinary telemedicine and robotic animal companions.


Is technology good for animals?

The many advances that have been made in technology recently have an effect not only on people but also on other species.

With the help of modern equipment and cutting-edge methods, professionals in the fields of science and animal life are now able to assist in bettering the lives of animals in a variety of different ways.



Which innovation is beneficial to pets?

Sureflap has developed the solution, which is a device that reads microchips and prohibits uninvited animal companions from entering your home. As they search for food during the night, possums and other rodents may occasionally find their way into people’s houses.

The pet door provided by Sureflap is comparable to a security credentials system worthy of the Batcave for your four-legged friends.


What kinds of technological advancements have indeed been inspired by animals?

The wings of surveillance cameras are flapping in the air precisely like the wings of birds and bats. A gecko’s feet have very fine hairs that can assist a robot in climbing a smooth vertical surface.

The hard, impact-resistant surface of human teeth serves as an inspiration for the development of lightweight and long-lasting aerospace materials.



When were digital pets invented?


History. In 1995, PF Magic introduced the world to its first widely successful virtual pet, Dogz. In the spring of 1996, the company introduced its second virtual pet, Catz, which led to the creation of the Petz franchise.

The introduction of Tamagotchi and Digimon in 1996 and 1997 respectively helped to further promote the concept of digital pets.



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