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Dog alerts store employees that he has been kidnapped

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Dog alerts store employees that he has been kidnapped by the people he came with. 


The dog informs the store’s owners that the couple he entered with has kidnapped him.

Despite the fact that you can’t communicate with animals unless you’re Dr. Dolittle, they do have a means of doing so. Vango, a five-month-old gorgeous Australian shepherd puppy, did exactly that to protect himself from cruel dognappers.

The intelligent dog entered a store with his dognappers and cleverly alerted the proprietors that something wasn’t right.


The dog was really agitated.


In a pet store in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, all of this took place. Vango kept barking and shouting at the owner of the business to pay attention.

Yves Jodoin works at the store and also works as a dog trainer at Au Royaume des Animaux. He obviously has experience with dog behavior, thus he was able to spot the significant problem right away.


It’s a good thing Yves was comfortable around dogs.


At first, Yves thought that the four-footer was just hungry and barking for a treat. Even after receiving a treat, Vango kept barking, which led to Yves’ growing suspicion.

The dog was “barking, poking, and really trying to get my attention,” according to Yves. “The dog was still barking even though I was giving it cookies.”


He was aware that something was wrong.


When the couple who brought Vance into the store couldn’t even answer basic questions about the puppy, the employee started to piece things together.

Things started to look suspicious, and as Yves began to ask more fundamental questions about the dog, things only got worse.

He was purchased by the couple, but they had no idea of his age, whether he had been sterilized, what kinds of foods he usually like, where he was from, or how much they had spent for him.


Not just Yves shared this skepticism.


Thankfully, Lydia Blouin, another coworker, saw the oddity as well. In order to find out if there were any reports of lost pets, Lydia perused the neighborhood’s social media pages.

When they learned that Vango had been reported missing, they immediately found his picture online. Before they entered the shop, he had been AWOL for a few hours.

And Yves had a major epiphany!

Then, Yves instantly recognized that Vango was someone he previously knew from training him as a puppy! How little the globe is!


“At that time, I commanded Varango to come!


The dog began to react by jumping, Yves recalled. He was trying to communicate, “Hello, I’m not the dog they claim I am,” the entire time by barking and prodding.

By that time, they were certain.

It was eventually revealed to the couple that it wasn’t their dog.

They claimed to have found Vango in the woods and wanted to keep him as a support animal for themselves because the lady couldn’t afford a dog and was in bad shape.

Yves was able to convince the woman to leave the animal at the shop after she was apprehended. The employee then made a call to Vango’s true owner, Josée Francoeur.

Vango’s real owner was shocked since she knew that her dog wouldn’t just wander off by himself. Vango briefly entered the fenced yard before disappearing into thin air.

Thanks to the staff’s quick thinking and Vango’s intelligence, the cosmos fortunately cooperated to reunite Vango with his human!


If you want to learn more about this story, watch the video below.







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