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How to Choose the Best Dog Bowl: 6 Types

Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by Dogs Vets

How to Choose the Best Dog Bowl: 6 Types


When shopping for essentials for your puppy or dog, you might find yourself surprised at the options to choose from. It can feel a bit overwhelming.

When it comes to shopping for dog bowls, you want to find the best one for your pet that will not only keep them well-nourished but safe as well.

Before you head to the pet store, read up on 6 popular types of dog bowls to choose from so you can decide which one is the best option for your dog.


Plastic Dog Bowls

Plastic dog bowls are a no-muss, no-fuss option for your dog. These bowls are inexpensive and fairly sturdy (meaning they won’t break if they get dropped).

You can easily clean these bowls in your dishwasher and they come in a large variety of sizes and colors to meet your dog’s needs.

However, plastic bowls are not the best option for your dog. The material is easy for your dog to chew and scratch. This can leave bacteria to build up (which your dog ends up consuming) and can result in your dog swallowing bits of plastic that can be harmful to their stomach and even cause choking.


Ceramic Dog Bowls

Ceramic dog bowls are coveted for their aesthetic style. They look quite chic and come in lots of fun designs that pet owners love in their homes. They are made with a protective glass that is simple to clean.

Due to the material, these bowls break easily. If they’re dropped, look out for a big mess that could leave shards of glass around for your dog to find and get hurt on.


Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

For the most durable dog bowl option, choose stainless steel. These types of bowls are practically and unlikely to become damaged by pets and are dishwasher safe.

You don’t have to sacrifice style with these, either. You can find fun colors for your stainless steel dog bowl to maintain a bit of design for your dog’s eating area.

While these dog bowls are very durable, you do want to ensure you take proper care of them. Stainless steel can rust, so be sure you clean them frequently.

Also keep an eye on your dog chewing on them, as they can cause damage to their teeth if they try to bite on them.


Automatic Feeding Dog Bowls

Automatic feeding dog bowls, typically made with plastic, are a popular option for pet owners who are looking for a bit of a space saver or an opportunity to keep their dogs fed and hydrated during the day while their owners work or are out of the house for long hours. The bowl is attached to a reservoir that’s filled with either food or water.

With automatic feeding dog bowls, there are a few things you want to be mindful of. Non-programmable feeders allow the bowl to automatically fill up.

While this is a great solution for water to ensure hydration, it’s not a good idea for dog food as this doesn’t allow you to appropriately monitor your dog’s food intake and can lead to weight problems.

Programmable feeders are a better idea to ensure you can plan the appropriate food intake for your pet.


Elevated Dog Bowls

Elevated dog bowls feature a stand – that’s made of either metal, wood, or plastic – with two slots for dog bowls – typically plastic, ceramic, or stainless steel. Some experts believe this type of setup is better for pets as it allows them to eat at a bit of an elevation which helps with digestion.

For large dogs especially, elevated dog bowls can be a bit more comfortable and don’t cause as much strain on the neck compared to dog bowls that sit level with the floor.

One of the challenges with an elevated bowl is that it can tip over to cause a mess. If your dog frequently pats at their bowl while they eat or drink, an elevated dog bowl could end up being more trouble than it’s worth.



Now that you’ve got a good idea of some of the popular types of dog bowls you can use with your dog or puppy, you’re ready to start shopping.

If you’re dealing with a new puppy, it might take a little while to find the right solution for them. As with anything you buy your pet, you may discover that another product could work better.

Be open-minded in what you choose and what your dog tells you is the best for them. After all, making sure your pet stays full and hydrated is essential for their health. 


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