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What Was Pitbulls Original Purpose – 20 Interesting Facts About Pit Bulls

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Shocking Interesting Facts About Pit Bulls



The Pit Bull dog is undoubtedly considered the most misunderstood dog breed in the world. In fact, one of the most misunderstood facts about the Pitbull is that this dog is not really a dog breed at all.

Pit Bull is actually a generic name that means different things to different people. To some, it is simply a synonym for the American Pit Bull Terrier.

9 facts about pit bulls

To many others, it refers to a group of breeds, including the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and possibly other similar dogs.

You see, you can’t even begin to talk about Pit Bulls without encountering some confusion. There is no doubt that there is so much myth and misinformation surrounding them.

To help you cut through the noise and learn the truth about Pit Bulls, we’ve put together this wonderful collection of fun and interesting facts.


Pit Bulls Origins, History & Original Purpose


History, domestication, physical characteristics, races, and events

The Pitbull, also called the American Pit Bull Terrier or Pit Bull Terrier, this fighting dog was developed in England, Scotland, and Ireland in the 19th century from bulldog and terrier, they have an ancestry for hunting, specifically capturing and restraining small wild animals.

Interesting Facts About Pit Bulls

Historically, the name has been applied to many dog breeds – including the Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier – but is not recognized as a separate breed by the American Kennel Club.

However, the United Kennel Club first acknowledged this dog breed, which it calls the American Pit Bull Terrier, in late 1898.

The American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA), whose primary focus is to promote the positive characteristics of the American Pit Bull Terrier, such as its loyalty, devotion, and athleticism, also recognizes the breed.

Although these dogs were first bred and trained to display aggression against other dogs, aggression against humans was discouraged because, even when fighting, the dogs had to be handled by their own trainers.

Dogs displaying aggression against humans were not selected for breeding.

However, the resurgence of dogfighting – which is illegal in the United States, Great Britain, and many other countries – has led to irresponsible breeders encouraging such traits in their animals and mistreating them to induce a vicious temperament.

Well-publicized attacks on humans by dogs identified as bulls have led to the enactment of legislation in some jurisdictions that prohibit or restrict breed preservation. Some humane societies are habitually euthanizing bulls in their possession, deeming them unfit for adoption.



In response to the breed’s negative reputation, many pit bull owners and owner organizations (such as the ADBA) have consistently condemned the breed’s mistreatment by irresponsible owners, arguing that any breed of dog can have similar aggressive behavior when trained inappropriately.


Here are the Top 20 Extremely Interesting Facts About Pit Bulls


1. How Pit Bulls came to The United States – they were bred in England and brought to America by settlers and travelers.


2. These dogs were bred to combat other dogs and animals, combining the strength of the English Bulldog with the gentleness (fearless nature) of a terrier.


3. Even in the early days, aggression towards humans was an undesirable trait for these dogs, as human handlers often had to always be with them to control their behavior.


4. The Pit Bull breed was often used in bear-baiting, a blood sport in which the bears were tortured in public for the “entertainment” of spectators and fans.


5. After bear-baiting was banned in England, the sport of rat baiting became popular. A dug pit will be filled with rats, dogs,s and the competition to see who could kill them all in the shortest time possible. Some believe this is where the pit in the Pit Bull originated.

6. Back in the days, Pit Bulls were found to be very useful on farms, from protection, hunting, and helping to keep livestock away from danger.


7. Pit Bulls were considered a very popular mascot in early 20th century America, often appearing on army recruiting posters and other advertisements.


8. Pit Bulls were considered so trustworthy with children that they were known as nurses or considered the nanny dog breeds.


9. The Pit Bull was also found on the cover of Life Magazine three times in a role – more than any other dogs.


10. Plus addition to the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier, other breeds sometimes identified as Pit Bulls include the Japenese Tosa, Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Dogue de Bordeaux, and the Bulldog.


11. While it has been really difficult to estimate the number of dog breeds, it is estimated that there are no less than 2 million Pit Bulls in the United States.


12. Pit Bull puppies often have wrinkled foreheads. As the dog gets older, the skin would spread out and becomes very smooth.


13. Both American Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier score very well in the test conducted by the American Temperament Test Society, beating Miniature Schnauzers and several other terrier breeds.


14. Because of their athletic builds, Pit Bulls are some of the best climbers in the canine world. One thing to keep in mind if you need to contain one of these notorious escape artists.


15. Some claim that Pit Bulls do not feel pain. This is incorrectly false. However, all dogs can shut out pain – especially when they are intensely focused on something.


16. Despite their reputation, Pit Bulls are not considered great guard dogs by those who know them. They are very trusting of people and can greet an intruder as a new friend.


17. Blue Nose Pit Bulls are popular because of their distinctive blue/grey coloring – however, they are not actually a distinct breed.

18. Although not a recognized breed, the Razor Edge or Razor’s Edge Pit Bull is particularly sought after for its highly unique (bulky) appearance and gentle temperament. The Razor Edge puppies often sell for thousands of dollars.


19. The claim that Pit Bulls have special “locking jaws” is a myth (they are actually very strong).


Famous Pit Bulls


20. Sallie the Pit Bull served as a guard for dead and wounded Union soldiers at the Battle of Gettysburg. He is being immortalized at a Civil War memorial in Pennsylvania.

Sallie the Pit Bull



Extremely Bad Facts About Pit Bulls (FAQ)




What is bad concerning pitbull dogs?


Some American Pit Bull Terriers are indeed very dangerous. They act aggressively towards humans or other animals. It may not totally be “their fault” in the sense that they may have inherited bad genes and/or been raised or abused. However, the end result is that they are dangerous.


Will pit bulls turn on their owners?

“They can be aggressive, and if you have an aggressive incident with a pit bull, it can really lead to serious physical injury.” But Brandau says pit bull attacks on a dog’s owner are extremely rare, even for pit bulls. “It’s very rare for your own dogs to turn around and kill you and eat you,” he said.


How many pit bulls have killed their owners?

In 2019, bulls killed their owners and the owners’ family members 40 percent of the time. That year, of the 48 Americans killed by their dogs, 33 were killed by bulls and their PitBull mixes, and 13 of the 33 victims were their owner or an owner’s family member. In an additional case, the victim was a visiting baby.


Why do pit bulls have a bad reputation?

Medium dogs are often not properly socialized as puppies. They are also likely abused or starved to adulthood. People choose pit bulls to fight dogs only because they are a powerful and large breed – not because they are monsters.


Bad Facts About Pit Bulls


Are pit bulls naturally aggressive?

In general, bulls are not aggressive with humans. Still, they are “less tolerant” of other dogs than many other breeds, says Pamela Reid, Ph.D., vice president of the ASPCA’s Animal Behavior Center in New York City. They also have “a lot of resilience. If these dogs put their mind to something, they will definitely do it.


What does a pit bull say about you?

Pitbulls have a strong desire to please and will do anything for family or friends. Pitbull owners are courageous, full of vim and vigor, and are constantly seeking out those they love. Their owners enjoy being around children and make excellent parents and grandparents.


Can a pit bull kill a lion?

Pitbulls are known for their maximum attack, making them the most dangerous dog; they have no aggression levels, just no aggression, and killing. They also tend to go for the throat, which would be a terrible strategy against a lion.



Fact Check


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