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Top 21 most beautiful dog breeds in the world today

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Most Beautiful Dog Breeds In The World

The love from a dogs can be unconditional. They are also extremely social, loyal, alert and also beautiful. Here is the list of the Top 21 most beautiful dog breeds in the world today.

If i was asked the question, every breed of dog in the world is absolutely beautiful.

This includes matted Pyrenees that have never slept indoors; waddling Basset Hounds with ears that scratch the ground; and Bulldogs that look like they tried to push a tractor with their face. I even think Pugs, Bull Terriers and Chinese Hoods are cute.

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But a handful of breeds are generally considered more beautiful than most others. Of course, beauty is a subjective quality, and reasonable minds disagree about the things that make a particular breed attractive, but we’ve tried to come up with a list that includes the breeds most people think are most handsome.

Some readers will agree with most of the breeds listed below, while others will be angry that we left out one of their favorites. Don’t be mad – just let us know the ones we missed in the comments below. We may even include them in future updates.

Common characteristics of beautiful breeds

Different people find different things pretty about dogs, but there are some common traits that people find visually appealing. Some of the most common are:

Long, luxurious coats.

This can be the most common physical feature that elicits “oohs” and “ahhhs” from other owners at the dog park. There is just something about a long, thick and shiny fur coat that people find attractive.

Interesting colors and patterns

Some coat colors seem to catch the light (especially natural, unfiltered sunlight) very well and make dogs stand out from the crowd. This includes the coats of some solid colored dogs, but spotted, striped, and brindle patterns can be quite pretty as well.

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Striking beautiful eyes

This is a wedge issue among dog lovers. Some people find cold and steely gray or blue eyes intriguing, while others (and I would firmly include myself in this camp) prefer warmer, inviting eye colors like brown and yellow. Similarly, some people find dogs with two different eye colors beautiful, while others find them irritating.

Graceful body lines

Many people find graceful body lines attractive in humans. Why should dogs be any different? But again, this is a subjective preference, and there is no universally loved body shape. Some people may find the muscular physique of Dog as great, while others prefer the aerodynamic shape of Greyhounds and Whippets.

Below we have listed 21 of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world.

They’re not in the right order – we’re sure we’ve got enough pushback on the list as it is! If we had them in order, #14 would certainly rank much higher on the list.



1. Samoyed Dog Breed

Samoyed Dog Breed

Few dogs are known to have a prettier coat than the Samoyed dog breed. These beautiful white coats were long, thick and fluffy and helped the breed’s ancestors stay warm in their Siberian homeland. However, this makes the breed somewhat ill-suited for places with hot summers and they need to be groomed regularly.

However, those who live in cool climates and are willing to pay for regular trips to the groomer will certainly find Samoyeds to be wonderful and loving companions. They need to be busy, as these dogs were bred to work, but they are very affectionate with their families and usually get along with everyone they meet.

2. Australian Shepherd Dog

Australian Shepherd Dog, Price, Size, Temperament and Colors

The amazing colored and fluffy coats of Australian Shepherds grant them instant access to the beautiful dog club, and they often have flashy eyes. Their coats shed heavily and require some grooming, but they don’t need as much as some of the other long-haired breeds.

Be sure you’re ready for a high-energy dog if you choose an Australian Shepherd – these little guys and gals can run for days, and they won’t be happy with couch potato parents. These dogs can be a bit destructive.

3. The Pomeranian

Pomeranian dog breeds


Look at a Pomeranian dog breed and try not to smile – I bet you can’t do it. Pomeranians are obviously very pretty dogs with very thick and attractive coats (which require surprisingly little grooming compared to some other long-haired breeds), but they also have a lot of personality, which makes them even more lovable.

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In fact, Pomeranians tend to be intelligent dogs that are easier to train than most other tiny breeds. They are not particularly friendly with strangers and you will enjoy watching them with children, but they love their families very much.

4. Chow Chow

Chow Chow dog breed

A Chow with a full, well-groomed coat is an unforgettable sight. They look quite lion-like, as the long fur around their head and shoulders resembles a mane. And while Chows may not have faces you’d call classically beautiful, their permanent squint is pretty darn cute.

Chows are somewhat aloof and, unfortunately, not exactly “cuddly.” They keep to themselves more than many other breeds and don’t hesitate to explore the world. While these traits may not be ideal for all owners, Chows make great pets for those who spend a lot of time outside the home.

5. The Poodle


Personally, I think of Poodles dog breed as “cute” rather than “beautiful,” but that’s just another example of the subjective nature of aesthetic beauty. Poodles have some of the most fabulous coats in the entire dog world and can be coiffed in a variety of ways. Poodles require a good bit of maintenance, but the end results are usually worth the effort.

Poodles, despite their comical appearance, are actually very intelligent dogs. They can be used for agility trials, nose work (they are often used to find truffles hidden on the forest floor), or anything involving water, as they love to swim. They are also fantastic therapy dogs and Standard Poodles are occasionally used as guard dogs.

6. Saluki Dog Breed

Saluki Dog Breed

If you ever have the chance to see a Saluki dog breed standing, you will surely find it attractive. But don’t count on it. These dogs are as energetic as they are fast, and happiest when running around a large field at Mach 2. In fact, many of their most attractive physical features-their elongated muzzle, lithe body, and elegant tail-help make them especially well-suited for a high-throttle lifestyle.

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Because of their nature, it’s important to take-out time to think carefully before adding one of these pups to your family. They are very lovable dogs who will love to lay their fluffy ears on your lap from time to time, but they can be difficult to train, and they need several acres of fenced space to get around.

7. Maltese

Maltese dog breed

The Maltese is really an elegant dog breed with a flowing white coat that pulsates with every tiny step. Their gorgeous coats turn heads wherever they go, and their adorable personalities help them make fast friends with everyone they meet. And that face? Forget it. Go ahead and break out the goodies, because it’s just impossible to say no to these little cuties.

Although they may look a little fancy, Maltese are actually pretty sturdy little canines whose bravado belies their diminutive size. They are intelligent and easy to train, as well as adventurous. However, as you would expect from a dog with a full length coat that touches the ground, Maltese require regular grooming to keep them looking their best.

8. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

It’s hard to mistake an Afghan hound dog for anything else – there aren’t many other breeds that have the same combination of a light, elegant build with such a remarkably long and silky coat. Their long faces are also quite distinctive, being both handsome and a bit odd at the same time.

Like the Saluki and the Greyhound, the Afghan was originally used as a sight-hunting breed that took down fast prey with relative ease. So you need to give an Afghan enough room to run. You’ll also find that they are somewhat difficult to train and shed heavily. But if you can overcome these challenges, you will probably love their loving and sweet nature.

9. Irish Setter

Irish Setter dog breed

Dressed in flowing, silky coats that range from red to mahogany to strawberry blonde, Irish Setters are gorgeous without being stuffy. And even if they weren’t so pretty, their fun and outgoing personalities would still make them popular pets. They are energetic, enthusiastic, friendly and sweet, and cause just enough trouble to keep you on your toes.

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For the most part, Irish Setters are like other bird dogs. They are smart and easy to train, they are always ready to make friends, and they will destroy everything you own if you don’t give them enough attention and exercise. But large families that like to go to the park will usually love adding an Irish Setter to their family.

10. Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh dogs are probably hit or miss with many dog lovers – you either think they look good or they look a little strange. In either case, everyone can agree that the Pharaoh Hound is a unique breed (they are also one of the most expensive dog breeds out there). They often carry a comical and slightly bizarre expression that only makes them more adorable or stranger depending on your taste.

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Short-haired, big-eared and graceful, these dogs were bred to hunt big prey and to hunt together with their owners. But unlike many similarly built breeds, these pups are affectionate with their humans and don’t have the endless reservoirs of energy that other nimble hunting dogs have. Pharaoh dogs are not particularly common, but they can make very good pets – even for first-time owners.

11. Weimaraner

Weimaraner dog

The Weimaraner dog breed is a very striking breed with an instantly recognizable gray coat. But while this would make some dogs look cold, Weimaraners have soft and sympathetic eyes that can melt even the coldest of hearts. They look somewhat like a refined version of a Labrador retriever, but unlike Labs, Weimaraners demand pets that are not great for inexperienced owners.

Weimaraners are smart, sweet and easy to train, but they must have plenty of exercise to prevent them from developing destructive tendencies. And despite their beautiful, short-haired coats, Weimaraners shed heavily and caused problems for people with allergies.

12. Papillon Dog Breed

Papillon Dog Breed

Papillons are ridiculously cute dog that can’t help but bring a smile to everyone they meet. They have gorgeous silky coats, sweet eyes and an expression that will make you forget all your worldly problems. But the most remarkable thing about these little guys are their tufted ears, which are usually held up for maximum adorableness.

The Papillon isn’t really a lap dog, and you’ll have to keep yours busy to keep him happy. Fortunately, they are fun little pups that are smart and learn pretty quickly. In fact, many Papillons excel at agility (and they look too cute for words doing it).


13. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

The combination of the Shiba Inu’s round head, small ears, and thick coat makes the breed adorable. They look absolutely cuddly, and most dog owners will undoubtedly feel compelled to give them more or less constant praise, love, and scratches and scrapes. Fortunately, few Shiba Inus will object.

Shiba Inus come in a variety of colors, including red, black and brown, and cream. They shed a lot, but they don’t require much grooming. Shiba Inus are loving animals, but they are better at being alone than many other breeds. Therefore, they offer special value to those who work long hours.

14. Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute

If you like dogs that look like wolves, you will love the Alaskan Malamute. Like wolves, they are muscular, large and covered with a long, thick coat. Their erect ears complete the look. Their coats also feature a mix of white, gray and black tones, which also helps to accentuate their wolf-like appearance. However, with all due respect to wolves, most dog lovers agree that Malamutes are the more attractive of the two.

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Unfortunately, Malamutes are relatively low-maintenance dogs that require not only regular grooming, but also plenty of stimulation, interaction and exercise. They are not the best choice for first-time owners, but they can make excellent companions for experienced owners who have the time and energy to devote to them.

15. Rottweiler

most dangerous dogs in the world - Rottweilers

Many people find Rottweilers quite very intimidating, but if you look past their impressive muscles and no-nonsense disposition, you can’t help but find them beautiful. In a short-to-medium length black and tan coat, Rottweilers may lack the silky coat and striking look of some other breeds, but they make up for it with a set of tawny eyes that will melt your heart.

And while they are pretty animals, their personalities make them even more beautiful in the eyes of their owners. They’re cruelly protective of their families, but they turn into loving piles of snuggles and smooches when the opportunity presents itself. Rotties can be a handful, however, and they are not a good choice for first-time owners.

16. Great Dane

Great Dane and Weimeraner

Many breeds are attractive, but few – none, really – share the Great Dane’s combination of size and beauty. Great Danes are often recognized as the largest breed in the world and are best known for their gigantic bodies, but they are also quite pretty. They may not have the flowing coat of an Irish Setter or the body contours of a Rottweiler, but they do have a dignified beauty that is impressive to behold.

However, the Great Dane’s tendency to produce buckets of drool has a somewhat negative effect on their dignified appearance, and it may be enough to convince some potential owners to choose a different breed. Of course, you will need to give your Great Dane plenty of space (they are too big to live in an apartment), but they actually have rather modest training requirements.

17. Doberman

Doberman Pinschers

Dobermans dog breeds are obviously very good looking canines, but their size, powerful stance, and pointy ears often cause a bit of fear in those who have never met one. But like Rottweilers, which also originated in Germany and have a very similar temperament, Dobermans are big softies that love their people. In fact, they are very sensitive and a harsh word from their owner can make them duck and hide.

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But before you add one of these beautiful dogs to your family, know this: you don’t want a Doberman if you’re not up for a cuddle. Despite their size, most Dobermans love to crawl right onto their owner’s lap and settle for well-deserved praise and petting.

18. Dalmatian

dalmatian dog breed

Some may find the spotted pattern of Dalmatians more cute or comical than beautiful, but they are so iconic and photogenic that we had to include them among the other beauties on this list. Although they are best known for accompanying firefighters, they are actually well-rounded dogs that also excel at hunting and agility.

Dalmatians are full of energy, so you need to give them plenty of exercise. You don’t want one to stay cooped up in an apartment – they need plenty of room to run, jump and play. They are actually great running partners and usually ready to keep going long after you decide to call it a day.

19. German Shepherd Dog

Top best names for german shepherd dog in 2021

One of Hollywood’s favorites, the German Shepherd has probably graced the big (and small) screen more often than any other breed. Their intelligence and work ethic certainly make them well-suited for this type of work, but the real reason they’re so popular is simple: they’re beautiful.

German Shepherds have a gentle, loving expression that contrasts well with their wolf-like coat and build. They come in a variety of colors, from pure white to pure black and everything in between. Unfortunately, there is plenty of shedding on this beautiful coat, so be sure to take it out and brush it vigorously about once a week.

20. Akita

Akita dog breeds

The Akita dog breeds are known imposing dogs with broad shoulders and a muscular build that exudes strength and competence. However, their ultra-dense and fluffy coats soften this image somewhat and help create one of the most attractive breeds in the world.

In the past, Akitas were widely used for a variety of very serious tasks, from boar hunting to guard dog work. However, in the modern world, they are usually kept as pets.

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Akitas come in a variety of color patterns, but most are a mix of brown, gray, black and white. Their coats are perfect for petting, but unfortunately they are heavy shedders (and droolers). Akitas do not always tolerate children well, so early socialization and acquaintance are important.

21. The Brown Siberian Husky

The Brown Siberian Husky

Meet the incredibly beautiful chocolate brown Siberian Husky, by the name of “SeQuoi Tenk” (or Quoi for short). This dog could easily be mistaken for a wild wolf with his wild blue eyes and unusual color, but he is 100% Siberian Husky.

Quoi body is almost completely brown, except for an adorable white patch on his chest. Full-brown huskies are extremely rare, so it’s no surprise that Quoi attracts a lot of attention. “Everywhere he goes, people stop to pet him,”

The owner originally wanted to adopt an older dog, but since she does not currently have a permanent home, she made an effort to be approved by the shelter she was in contact with. “The puppy route was my only choice to get a dog,” she explains. “Although he wasn’t the dog I was looking for, he was exactly the dog I needed, the owner said.


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