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Pros and Cons of Owning a Dog as a Student

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Pros and Cons of Owning a Dog as a Student


One of the most popular pets at college is a dog. Dogs are a necessity for some people and they will do whatever it takes to have one. Some people don’t want pets or are reluctant to accept the idea.

Many colleges allow students to have pets. To guide pet ownership, colleges have established guidelines for vaccinations, feeding, and interaction with others.

These are the pros and cons to consider before you decide whether you want to own a pet or not.




1. Companionship

Your pet should be your companion. You will always have your pet even after everyone is gone. Dogs can be great companions.

Dogs are great companions. They can play with you and allow you to groom them. They always are good company – no matter if you say “Let’s go do my homework” or “Let’s make dinner!”.

While at college, dogs are very easy to take care of. Dogs require very little care, but they will be with you everywhere you go. It will be the best companion if it is well-fed.

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People prefer dogs to cats, birds, and reptiles. Friends can visit your home without worrying about the dog. Pets make you more friends.

The dog can also walk on its own if you have to take it outside. It doesn’t need to be held to allow it to cross roads or navigate water puddles.

Dogs are easy to train and can help you maintain good behavior on campus. If you are looking for a companion animal, a dog is the best choice.


2. Gets you up on your feet

Dogs are active pets. You can take your dog on walks, runs, hikes, or other outdoor activities without worrying about it’s health.

To keep your dog healthy, you must walk it regularly. Walking the dog is a great way to exercise and makes you feel healthier.

Dogs can be very playful. Dogs love playing in open spaces. You will play with your dog as well as the dog.

You can use it as a companion to exercise and help you avoid lazing around the room.

Active participation is required in caring for your dog. It is your responsibility to pick up the dog’s stool and take it for a walk. These care activities will keep your active and healthy.

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Owners and dogs can also enjoy social events organized by dog lovers. Dog owners can take their dog swimming, hiking or to compete in dog-friendly events.

These opportunities will keep you on your feet. You will be more productive in class if you are active. You will also be able to easily grasp the concepts taught in class by remaining active.


3. This makes you more responsible

Dogs are alive. Dogs need food, exercise, grooming, attention, and love.

These needs must be met wherever you are. Unfavorable circumstances can also make a dog sick. No matter how busy your college schedule, you must be attentive to the dog’s health and needs.

Dogs will make you more responsible. It is not possible to leave your pet unattended for long periods of time. You will need the same level of responsibility in your academic work.

When you are anxious about homework or exams, a dog can calm you down. The dog can be with you all night, or just you and him.

You can study longer if you have company, rather than putting in more time if you are anxious about being alone.




1. It takes time and dedication

College is a short-term endeavor. It is important that you understand all content, complete assignments, and prepare for exams. You will have to take on additional responsibilities, such as owning a dog.

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Dogs need a lot of attention. It is impossible to go on a weekend trip without thinking about your dog’s welfare. You have to return to your room several times a day to feed your dog.

Having a dog at college can also limit your mobility. There are specific places that can be used for pets. A canine companion is not always a good idea for your roommate.

You should consider if you don’t feel comfortable making commitments to a dog.


2. It’s expensive to maintain

College is expensive. Your parents will likely provide student loans or allowances. Because of their limited financial resources, many students depend on scholarships and avoid buying something from essay writing services UK.

Your resources will be strained if you have to feed the dog. Dogs also require medication, grooming, exercise, and medication. The dog’s care must be paid for by you.

College dogs make great pets. You should weigh the pros and cons before bringing a dog to campus. You should also consider campus rules and restrictions when tagging your dog anywhere you go.



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