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The Truth behind the effectiveness of CBD Tincture for Dogs

Last Updated on November 13, 2023 by Dogs Vets

CBD Tincture for Dogs: Really Effective or Myth!

Nothing can get a pet owner worried than having an anxious dog that gets easily stressed out. It is truly heartbreaking to watch your furry baby in pain or dealing with troubles. Ideally, going to a vet is the right option to address these issues. 

They may suggest any medication or CBD for dogs. But the question is if it is effective or only the hype. This article will discuss if CBD tincture is perfect for your dogs and its potential benefits and risks.

CBD Tincture for Pets 

CBD tincture for pets, known as CBD oil, is an alcohol-based broad or full-spectrum extract. A high-proof liquor does the work of a solvent to withdraw natural cannabis compounds from the plant.

The processing method helps prevent the oxidation of the cannabinoids, which must undergo adequate filtration or refinement.

Many of these tinctures may be bitter. To avoid this, many utilize flavoring, sweeteners, and vegetable glycerin. Others may add melatonin, herbal extracts, or vitamins.

CBD for dogs in this form is the best, as you use a measuring dropper to give it to pets. Hence, you can check how much dosage you are giving to your pet. If you’re looking to buy cbd oil for dogs with highest quality at affordable price, we recommend you to visit the official site of CBDNorth.

Why Should You Give CBD Tincture to Your Pet?

Do you find your dog whimpering, feeling anxious, or appearing distressed? Taking your puppy to the vet promptly is essential. Many vets may recommend using CBD, short for cannabidiol, which comes from hemp plants and offers many health benefits to humans as well as pets.

For pet animals, CBD for dogs helps in treating anxiety, relieving pain, reducing seizures, and helping inflammation.

However, talk to the vet before putting your dog on CBD tincture to ensure it fits their needs. To understand these benefits better, let us closely consider them in the next section.


Potential CBD Benefits of CBD Tincture for Dogs

CBD for dogs assists in remedying myriad conditions in canines, not just anxiety. The natural remedy can become a great addition to the everyday routine.

Besides playtime, regular walks, and healthy food, CBD tincture may help improve your dog’s life quality.

  • Mobility

Younger dogs usually have bursts of energy that can keep them up and running all day. However, when dogs start aging, you notice a sudden change in their mobility. They find going on walks challenging or struggle climbing up the stairs.

For this reason, many people may use CBD tincture, which helps make joints flexible and healthier. It also helps relieve stiffness in the joints and promote bone health.

  • Pain

Dogs hide their pain so well that they only show signs when pain is exceedingly uncomfortable. CBD tincture is helpful whether the pain is from an operation, injury, or aging. Offering an inflammatory response, CBD helps with soreness and stiffness and supports muscle recovery and cellular activity.

  • Stress & Anxiety

Like humans feel stressed, pets can experience the same. Situations like the addition of a new family member, fireworks, social gatherings, traveling, relocating, or parting from a loved one can make them show distress or anxiety.

Some dogs get aggressive because of anxiety or become hyperactive because of stress. CBD for dogs can help them calm their nerves and restore emotional balance. CBD helps pets stay relaxed even in stressful or anxiety-inducing situations.



Potential CBD Side Effects Seen in Dogs 

The degree of CBD Safety in pets is one of the crucial concerns of pet owners. You may give pets CBD products like tincture or oil, and they will not feel adverse effects if it is hemp-driven. This is because marijuana variety can be unsafe for animals and comprise THC.

Hemp-driven CBD tinctures may have slight side effects like lethargy during the introduction phase. One can mitigate these effects by controlling the dosage. Some potential side effects reported by pet owners include:

Slight Drowsiness

CBD tincture encourages relaxation, heals anxiety, and helps manage stress. The soothing effect can make the dog feel weary with a higher dosage.

Dry Mouth

CBD for dogs may experience dry mouth or increased thirst because of the reduced saliva production. Keep fresh water available for your dog to satisfy the thirst.

Low BP

Giving your pet a high CBD dosage may cause their blood pressure to drop. Regardless if it is a tiny drop, it can cause your fur baby to feel light-headed. Hence, maintain the recommended dosage as per your dog’s weight.


Whether it is CBD tincture or a new supplement addition to the healthcare routine, diarrhea is a common side effect.

The carrier oil used in the product may be the reason behind this. Thus, the dosage introduction must be low and slow. Also, mealtimes are the best to give your dog CBD than an empty stomach.



Can CBD Make Pets Feel High?

CBD is a component found in marijuana and hemp plants. While THC is intoxicating, CBD has no properties that will make you feel high with proper dosage. Instead, CBD affects brain activity to help pets with anxious feelings and distress.

Note that you should not give a THC dose to pets that can intoxicate them. Ask your vet about the dosage and the products dedicated to pets.

Finding High-Quality CBD Products for Your Dog 

If the vet recommends incorporating CBD for dogs in the treatment plan, consider the following points when purchasing CBD tincture or oil. Since every CBD tincture may differ in quality, consider the following things to find the best option:

  • Organic: While you must seek for organically many tinctures, if not, look for ones not containing fungicides or pesticides.
  • Based on Quality: Do not consider the cost of buying CBD products, as the cheaper ones comprise toxic elements like herbicides, pesticides, or heavy metals. While higher in cost, the best CBD products will offer purity with high quality.
  • CBD In Liquid Form: The ideal form for giving your dogs the CBD dosage is tincture or oil. You can control the dosage using the dropper.



As you can decipher from the above discussion, CBD for dogs can do wonders. Not just with anxiety, CBD is effective in helping with joint problems, arthritis, stress, seizures, inflammation, and more.

Many studies suggest CBD also helps with cancer, IBS, epilepsy, and more. However, before choosing any CBD product, talk to a vet to understand what will be best for your pup.

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