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Why Does My Dog Sleep by the Door? 5 Things to Know

Last Updated on February 18, 2022 by Dogs Vets

Why Does My Dog Sleep by the Door?

Pets are pretty mysterious. Many things about our furry friends confuse us. Sleeping by the door is one of those mysterious things!

You may have bought a cozy bed for the dog. It may use the bed for a while and then move next to the door. You will wonder “why does my dog sleep by the door”!

Does your dog hate the new bed you have bought or there is something special about the place? The pet might be trying to convey some message or it may be a habit of its wild past.

Many animal behaviourists are trying to interpret why some dogs sleep by the door. Some convincing theories have emerged that may answer your question!

The dog is guarding your place!

Humans have relied on dogs to safeguard their properties and keep unwanted guests away. Dogs used to guard the entrance when they were not patrolling the intended territory. Modern families may not need that high-level protection, the behaviour of dogs is still the same.

Dogs always try to protect their owners, even if the approaching person is friendly. It is in their behaviour to keep suspecting people away. Your dog may be trying to do the same thing.

Your pooch is sleeping by the door to protect the house.

It wants to deter unwanted people away. Therefore it might be sleeping next to the door to prevent intruders!

The place seems more comforting

Dogs got thick fur and it protects them from cold. The same fur becomes trouble during hot summer days. Some pets try to stay wet to stay cool and cope with scorching heat. When it is not possible to get wet, dogs choose a place where they can get the soothing breeze.

The bed might feel a bit hotter than cold and soothing tiles. Therefore, most dogs sleep on the floor and next to the door. Your dog will get back to its bed if you can maintain a comforting temperature in the room.

The dog doesn’t want you to leave it at home

You cannot take them everywhere you go. The dog does not know it and it might try to accompany you in every activity. That might be a reason the dog is sleeping next to the door.

Many dogs do that to be with their parents whenever possible. This behaviour seems a bit irritating when you are leaving the home for an important job. The pet may block the gate and get overly excited to move out.

This behaviour is controllable if you daily take the pooch out for a walk. The pooch will be on the door if you don’t take him out enough to meet its exercising needs. So, take care of your pet to avoid such troubles.

Your pet is curious!

Dogs are probably the most curious creatures on this planet. They always want to be where the action is going on. Your pet might be one of those curious pooches who like to peep outside the house. The pet might move towards the window if you close the door.

This curiosity can be the reason your pet is sleeping by the door. It wants to watch and hear everything occurring outside the house. The dog might also like to move out if it sees or hears something interesting.

The pet will refuse to sleep on the bed if it is not placed at its favourite spot. Move the bed near the door and then observe your dog. It will probably enjoy a comfy sleep on the bed instead of sleeping on a hard floor!

The pet is waiting for someone

Dogs do not like it when you leave them alone at home. They constantly monitor activities taking place outside the home. They get excited when they hear the sound of your car or footsteps. It is probably the most exciting moment for the pet in the day and therefore it’s always waiting by the door.

Nobody can say for sure what the dog is doing by the door. The most probable reasons are explained in this post. You can change this behaviour by taking good care of the pet. Allow him to move freely and feed the best meals. Your dog will take proper rest at the right place to avoid health problems.




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