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Top 7 Apps for Dog Lovers

Last Updated on April 19, 2022 by Dogs Vets

Top 7 Apps for Dog Lovers

Having a pet is a lot of responsibility. You need to invest a lot of time and money and give equal affection to your pets since they are like children.

However, managing all this with your work and daily chores can be quite a hassle, particularly when you are a dog parent.

Fortunately, companies are now putting in efforts to create a pet services app to deal with this issue. 

We have shortlisted the best dog apps for you among all such apps in this article. However, ensure that you have installed a VPN for phone before you attempt to download any of the applications or apks.

Using a VPN will eliminate any vulnerable privacy or security issue and will provide you with safer internet usage.

Now without wasting a second, let’s begin with the best 7 dog apps that can aid you in bringing up your dog well:

1. Chewy:

Strangers, new situations, and loud sounds can cause anxiety in certain dogs; hence, taking your dog shopping would be a challenge at times. But no worries, dog apps like chewy are here to the rescue.

This app includes a large selection of toys, snacks, medicines, and other items satisfying your requirements at a reasonable price.

You can order the goodies whenever in need while sitting at home with my dog.

If we look at its user interface, it is incredibly well-designed and organized, with obvious categories making shopping easier for pet owners. Besides, you will also receive a substantial discount if you subscribe, which is like a cherry on top.

2. Puppy:

Puppr is among the most useful dog apps. This is training for dogs that have more than 70 lessons created by professional educators.

Each lesson includes clear written instructions along with photographs and videos that show you how to complete the task.

You must be wondering: “How will I do this with my dog?” don’t worry. You can live chat with a trainer to get his opinion on how to proceed.

In this application, you will have your dog’s profile through which you can track his progress throughout the lessons and will also get awarded digital badges for completed classes.

Besides, this application also includes a digital clicker for clicker training and a curated marketplace containing training treats, crates, equipment, and other essentials that reputable trainers have approved.

3. GetPet:

Is there Tinder for dogs? Yes, there is. A group of animal enthusiasts in Lithuania has developed a Tinder-style software GetPet to match the shelter dogs with their ideal pet parents.

If they are found suitable, the meeting is arranged with the dog (date between the dog and the potential parent).

In this app, you will find pet profiles with photographs that are up for adoption. You can browse through the profiles to learn more about them, such as breed, age, etc. if you like the profile, swipe right.

If not, then swipe left to replace it with a fresh match, similar to that of the human tinder dating app.

Please note that you have taken precautionary measures before you connect to such dog apps to safeguard your personal identity from hackers.

Hence, install a VPN app for iPhone and if not, go for the best VPN for Android.

You must remember that all applications that request access to your data are insecure and pose a threat to your privacy.

4. Whistle:

The whistle is a hybrid activity tracker and locator for your pet dogs in case they ever get out. The Whistle tag is attached to their collar.

Having this will automatically inform you if they leave their protected zone, i.e., your backyard.

You’ll receive an alert message on your phone and be able to track them down so you may safely return them home.

Besides, you can also follow their activity throughout the day with the tracker.

Determine how active your dog is and create exercise objectives depending on his age, weight, and breed. It provides you a little more peace of mind knowing you’re not overfeeding your pet and that he’s getting enough exercise.

View your dog’s trips, earn badges for exercise accomplishments, and gently nudge your dog if he or she is becoming too inactive.

Last for not least, it has a light on its tag, which you can turn on in the dark to stay in touch with your dog.

5. Petcube:

Sometimes, you have to leave your pet behind at home alone. We know how hard and worrying it is for the parents. Hence, to travel at ease, get yourself a Petcube.

Petcube creates physical cameras and reward (treat) dispensers. Having these, I can keep in touch with my dog (or any pet) while you are on vacation through its pet services app.

Their most basic camera is to keep an eye on your dogs, while others come with treat dispensers. They also come with a built-in speaker and microphone to talk to them and reward them whenever you wish to.

6. Pet first aid:

You must be aware of administering first aid to your dog if an emergency does arise. Hence, install the Pet First Aid app.

This pet services app is built-in with clean layouts and clear photographs and videos for many of the most frequent conditions and accidents that can happen to your pet.

It also has proactive content, which guides throughout preventative treatment and maintaining your puppy’s health.

7. Goodpup: 

GoodPup allows you to have one on one training sessions with certified, evaluated vet trainers to help your dog behave.

These lessons are conducted through a video chat with a trainer to watch you teaching the dog to ensure you are doing everything correctly.

You can also communicate with your trainer in between the sessions. This pet services app even lets you schedule flexibly, so you can train your dog whenever you want.  

All the above dog apps will appeal to a wide range of dog lovers, from those who have a family of pups to those hoping to adopt to just normal dog lovers.

Each app has received a lot of positive feedback in the Play Store, and they are all a lot of fun for dogs, dog lovers, and pet owners.

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We hope you enjoyed this article… What are your thoughts on the Top 7 Apps for Dog Lovers?

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